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The presidency who was a much more modest steve a union that change um you first theodore roosevelt kind of our first truly activists president um and then with wilson who who cheap to further with the union aggressive after giving his first speech to congress for technically wasn't a state of the union but it was addressed to congress that you know i wish old petty had thought i bet gold teddy which is key part of had thought of that you know the idea being that he took a page out of roosevelt all playbook in fifty publicity stunt david greenberg professor of history in media studies at rutgers university's written the peace in political entitled tv give us the modern state of the union then killed it what's your biggest complaint i guess with the seat of the union's today well part of the title then killed it um get to i think the problem today because really problem their politics in channel the come to polaroid the pierre you know you have democrat the fear boycotting it under obama you had them the republican boycotting it uh people don't to near the go to other stations on cable dial her they hit streaming options gill a heyday presidential television that one goes on the big free network they all showed it and people dead sentences the responsibility kenya to tune in every one of course but he got high ratings the reading for every president for at least the last four or five presidents have declined every president first doing such an beach by trump de one lap do that wasn't technically the unions were the cap at the first one get good reading people wanted to see the new president and the decline declined declined and trump first beach did worse than obama's which did worse than bush could worsen clinton really losing the ability to a broad public audience and one that bipartisan and one that the gauge to really pong by the wayside what would bring it back there is of the fed can work the committee shift that the union is to put something for it he coming up dowd using it as a kind.

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