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Can help you with that if you come here. I mean, fully banking that to know what their defense needs to be dialed up against that guy if they face him. It's not a bad thought it would have to come from a defensive minded coach. Yeah, like that, because you only get so many, right? Like you only get you can bring 30 players to your place. You can only do so many private visits. When you're at the combine and you have your little meeting room, you have a slotted number. You know, I will say every year there are times that quarterbacks that I train, they have a visit with a certain team and I'm like, that's kind of interesting that that team is bringing you in, you know? Like, I wonder why I wasn't assuming that they were going to pick a quarterback in that spot or whatnot. You know, so I do sometimes wonder what it is. The other thing that's surprising is the teams that you assume are picking quarterbacks that don't bring some quarterbacks into their meeting room. And you're like, that's kind of odd I thought for sure they would. So there is definitely a chess game going on. The bigger chess game that I think happens is when teams assume I think teams think we may take a quarterback, we know we're not gonna, but let's bring guys in to do the meetings. Portrayed because if a team assumes that we all the senator are going to take a quarterback, they may try to jump us. Another team might have tried to go get that guy so now we can position ourselves for a trade to add more value to get more picks. So like we know our plan, let's bring some guys in for that. I think sometimes when those meetings are called, sometimes it's just for draft to be able to potentially get more picks. I heard that Broncos didn't never even brought cutler in before the draft. I heard the same story, never talked to him, never did a meeting with him, didn't do a private workout. What the heck, Jim. Yeah. And then they picked him. I know. I tell guys all the time, like, look, like, don't just assume that because these three or four teams are showing you a lot of love that that's where you're gonna end up. Like you don't know what team, I won't without exposing certain teams because I've had this conversation. Yes. Some teams will purposefully not go to the pro day, purposefully not be around the quarterback after the draft because they know they like him and they don't want anybody else to know that they're interested. Well, the colts didn't even have a behalf available in this draft, apparently in their meeting rooms at the combat I heard. Sometimes they do that because they know we're going to bring them to our place. They have informal influence. Just look who we're running into at the hallway, you know? Or they'll set up the ones where they bring the whole group out. Like everybody knows this now, but the colts have been going around to Bryce, CJ, Jaron, those quarterbacks, you know, probably Anthony probably will, where they bring the entire brass, right? It's GM. It's like player personnel. It's offensive coaches. They bring the whole group and boom, boom boom, we're gonna go meet everybody. So why do we need to bring him in at the combine if we know we're gonna go do this? Yeah, it was tepper palooza with all the pro days. The whole Panthers from the tepper family all the way down. They had everybody. They did. If you don't mind, I'm gonna take a break and have one more segment. I appreciate it because you mentioned Zach Wilson and I need a little bit of runway for that. So I've got John Beck right here on the rich eisen show studio, the comedian Steven Wright now are number three. That's next. More John Beck, I want to talk about Zach Wilson and what might be going on with your protege. U.S. cellular is introducing us mode. It's like airplane mode, but for people. It's a way to set up your phone so it doesn't get in the way of people really being with each other. Block distractions and make way for real connection.

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