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Six minutes two o'clock in a little taste said some known pain yoni got a good becker forty nine degrees right now i today ran possibly fifty three the agree thirty six minutes after two o'clock on a friday coming up at the top of the hour we'll talk with bodies all the young man freshman sp high school we won that big big national science competition the sale lipworth worth the tell us about a really cool film your wanna with chan part of retake our democracy to seal good afternoon high recall thanks for having me shore what's going on um well i wanted to just how the uh you'll know about eight weaning that we're doing unsung day afternoon this coming sunday between nine three to about five hearing on it is who episodes about five episode hearing that was a by no means lear rondo i woke hung in the lead up to the presidential election law in and down each episode deal with an issue on top of inequality that is would with becoming more aware of hearing 2016 but of course now it right all public uh uh being poll headline you will only if we go on on could with who was we'll be screaming on sunday one will be norman lear admiral dick van dyke whoa cuba jumped up occasional housing crisis in new york.

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