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To send a budget to state lawmakers by tomorrow. Keep it here on WTO P four full details in the minutes ahead. It's four 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s pretty busy afternoon Dave del dine. Yeah, and unfortunately getting slower by the minute between Glenn echo and cabin John with the closure of the Macarthur boulevard, union arch bridge for heavy police activity and the police and medical response down beneath the bridge is also blocking cabin John Parkway both ways and what that is doing is putting a lot of pressure on outbound Clara Barton Parkway traffic, which in turn is very slow beneath Glen echo. Those drivers aren't able to get from the Clara Barton onto the cabin John Parkway at her squeezing instead onto the Macarthur boulevard access road near cabin John nearby. The workaround is leading to congestion on other routes like Massachusetts avenue Goldsboro road and river road near the beltway. And in addition to this police activity, there is also a separate unrelated closure of Macarthur boulevard between while haunting wrote and Maryland avenue for emergency utility work. On the beltway, interloop slow through Montgomery county, just volume delays, and better in prince George's county still slow in a lot of places between college park and Andrews, the crash on the Italy, to read a drive, is now back on the left shoulder. And brandywine caller finding one broken down northbound on three O one before the branch avenue split in the center. Now in the district, it is very slow going northbound on D.C. two 95 from the southeast Southwest freeway into northeast, the car fire extinguished near Ben Rhode, but the right side remains blocked. This is leading to outbound traffic jams on the east capitol street, Whitney young John Sousa and 11th street freeway bridges. Near Washington hospital center, Michigan avenue, remaining closed between Columbia road and first street, pretty serious crash there in Virginia on 95 southbound, no crashes, but slow through Springfield into woodbridge near garrisonville, 66 westbound west of 29 centerville, the crash, is on the right shoulder. I'm Dave delvine, WTO traffic. All right, let's get to storm team four and my extent of Micah, this jury afternoon. It's going to turn into a dreary evening, isn't it? It is, and especially across Northern Virginia

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