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You know, accounts from my Bank America or American Express just a lot of small little items that, you know, take a little bit of time, and then just kind of make me more efficient. Unlike that, so you deal with okay relaxed, but you actually have a particular VI this base in the Philippines. Saw you communicating with her one to one. I am just communicate through their portal. And then so you can try and huts each a do all the different things that she can handle. And then it leaves you with those things off feel play. Yeah, I've created a bunch of systems, basically. So, you know, that's one of the key things that, you know, as people start to grow under businesses figuring out how to do everything and then outsource in the stuff that you don't need to do you know it might take, for example, the download my Bank of America into excel and get it sorted. So I can get that sent to the bookkeeper you know, let takes probably five ten plus steps. So what I do is I create a video like a screen shot video of that in how to do that in the night, type that up and not have that. I provide that to my BA so you know, they can get that done. I have two beautiful thing. So they I ever does change. I've it to a different VA. Oh, you lose hood. Then you've got those training videos. They're ready to go as well. Exactly hundred percent. Yeah my next step. I'd like to kind of get a fulltime VA. To do that. Because right now, it's basically a part time so I'm working on trading all the systems for the business. And you know, to make sure that I can outsource all that information say, usually the business I was gonna say DC growing oversee do because you doing these other things. How do you see the business growing and expanding? So. Yeah, they're businesses growing on. I'm actually traveling right now in Florida. And right now several events are being covered. So I have associated photographers that are capturing events for me back in San Francisco. So that's sort of the natural way that the business is growing where I will photograph, the large very important, he events for JP Morgan, Forbes or NASDAQ. And then I can send, you know, some associated photographers for some of the smaller less important events like an alumni event or a small, you know, get together for a law firm..

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