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Can you use the main pacing behind him until impala you know he produces composes payments most of it and for me achieving the same I guess vibes and the same I guess nostalgia kind of feeling is like something that I always aim for and it made me want to actually gonna look really produce mine music because there's a there's like a lot of feelings and the things that I wanted to express that had like bottled up and Kevin Parker is just like one of the main reasons that I started like creating music you know one of the main reasons I decided star my soul project on really Garmin bike and try to follow my dream of making music because I knew I knew for a fact that school was a for me you know like I was I don't I think I was get out get angry at school because I would I would see kids are just calling on a slacked off but they're just smart and like without any effort is I get a mailing Beasley classes like I'll just get mad he's like you know like I studied so much and I guess the like I'm feeling but then I was like a thing like I had I had some teachers actually helped me realize like Kelly maybe school is it for you know like like they they're like I want to list my students but you know like you do you have your own talents you have your own things he knows how to like might easily miss grace and Mister Eddie in a band right images using now went there just go like sometimes because if a waiting on do you have you have a journeying out them by here and definitely listen listening to come in park and look how he created in like when when.

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