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You know, this is something that just this wave continues to sweep over the industry, and it keeps coming back to this question of why is NBC Universal at the centre? So many of these Controversies. It would appear that they have a culture problem, which is something that has been reported very well by the Hollywood reporter and has been sort of Then the open secret in Hollywood, and it extends to New York. Where and we see news had, you know a lot of problems where female Staffers had complained of Casual misogyny all the way to like being overlooked for Positions because they were women, etcetera, etcetera, and then you have the whole scandal of them not taking Ronan Farrow's Harvey Weinstein story in the first place and And they, you know, cover it up, and it ended up at the New Yorker magazine and it won a Pulitzer Prize, so one would think it had the journalistic critic credibility to Be published, but it didn't And I think there's a lot of questions about thie entire Corporation. Well and now Jeff Shell, who has just been installed as the CEO of Nbcuniversal really has a task on his hands. And, ironically, Jeff shall really was meant toward by Ron Meyer when he came to Universal in Ella. Shell had been in a Comcast executive based out of London and really didn't know the film Business or Hollywood in general and Ron Meyer was one of the people that had really taken him under his wing showed him how the business operates. And now one of his first jobs is to let right. Let Ron Meyer go. That's on interesting turn of events is well. It mirrors the Kevin Sugihara John Stanky relationship. Very similar. John's Danke would come to Hollywood and Kevin would bring him to the premieres and the Oscars and, you know, Because these guys, they they're not Hollywood players, eh? Yes, John Spanky was with it and t. Yeah, exactly. Somebody's gotta move up. Alright. Thank you, Tatianna. You're welcome. That's Tatiana Siegel, executive film editor at the Hollywood Reporter. I'm that Melanie.

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