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Quick game passing underneath the defense to the backs to gunner a chef ski a few times, caught a couple passes underneath the defense. So the full repertoire today. The three level repertoire of accuracy decision making, decisiveness, all those types of things from Mac. What was the most impressive detailed aspect of the game today from Mac? Yeah, you know, well first, I think the command I keep going back to this, I've gone back to it since the beginning, the command that he has when he's under center. It's a night and day from where he was on day one. You know, his voice is different when he calls the cadence out with all the office yesterday. So that, you know, big picture that growth continues to impress me. Just today, you know, it was the short stuff, and he had some nice deep passes. The throw to Jacoby Myers in the back corner of the end zone at the end of practice was probably his best throw of the day, but you make one or two of those throws a game. And you can't okay, Patrick Mahomes aside, you can't necessarily win sustainably on those throws, right? You need to be a very special team. This isn't the big 12. You're not doing that sustainably. It was, you know, just the timing and the accuracy of what he did underneath. You talked about the three levels, but the way he operated underneath, I thought Kendrick Bourne said something interesting today. Somebody asked him about his level of trust with Mac Jones and how they trust each other. And he said, you see it. I run a ton of in cuts. That's trust. And it is. Not necessarily in this practice setting, but macros has to know he's going to make the catch because if that ball's tipped on an in cut over the middle short, it's probably intercepted and born as to trust him that he's not leading him into a defender or throwing a hospital ball. And that trust is there. And that's not, you know, people think the short stuff's easy. It's not. Not in traffic. And the short stuff is what makes the Patriots offense go. You're not going to have those opportunities to throw the ball 35 yards into the corner to Jacoby Myers if you can't hit what's underneath to set it up. And that's what, I mean, he's done it, but today was the best example..

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