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Commentary from news director, Jim forci. He was here at seven ten. And he's back again. Same subject matter. But different details. They were running down since the legislature is coming close to ending the last day of the regular session as Monday. We're taking a look at where some of the higher profile Bill stand and keep in mind if a Bill dies in the legislature at this time of the year despite what you learned in civics class that doesn't mean they held a vote and voted down the reason bills are killed the last week of the session, is the leadership, decides not to put them on the calendar for debate before the house and the Senate. That's what happened to this. Very first Bill. I'm going to talk about, which is the Bill that would prohibit the destruction or moving of confederate monuments and the Alamo Senate half it died a quiet death yesterday. What it was not scheduled for debate in the full chamber. And this despite the fact that it had fairly widespread support in. Both the Senate and the house. The Bill would have required a public vote before any monuments that are more than twenty five years old, which is a nice way of saying confederate monuments can be removed or destroyed and a writer was added at the last minute to include the Alamo. Senate f so this is good news for the planners of the four hundred million dollar Alabel plaza renovation project to what that darn thing out of the way they want to move down to in front of the maker, so that can continue one of the most controversial bills of this session was killed the same way by not being placed on the house debate calendar. And that was what was supposed to be a election reform Bill. But various groups said all it was was another attempt by the Democrats who are in power to intimidate minorities, and young people who are more likely to vote democrat out of voting and keeping them away from the polls, one of the things that could have done is it could have been a felony and jail time for anybody who voted improperly. Including people who fell out there, voter registration card improperly, even if they didn't mean, to and a lot of people thought that that was too onerous. The Texas house has approved and sent to the Senate, which is likely to approve it very controversial measure. It would prohibit local governments like the city of San Antonio from contracting with Planned Parenthood to perform any sort of services, including TD testing, including a women's healthcare, including anything else, because Planned Parenthood. Obviously his best known as a provider of abortions. This is being billed as the taxpayer protection, Bill saying citizens who oppose abortion, should not have their tax money. Even indirectly supporting groups that fund abortion and perform abortion, the Texas legislature has approved incentive governor, Abbott a Bill to ban red light cameras, but don't expect him to go away right away. Because there is a writer on the Bill that allows any communities that have a con. Contract with a red light camera operator to keep the cameras up until that contract expires. So red light cameras could stay up there for several years, the born alive abortion, Bill as been approved by the Texas Senate. Speaking of Planned Parenthood and is on its way to the governor. That's the controversial Bill that would require doctors to provide lifesaving care to babies who are born alive as the result of a botched abortion. Even though Texas health department records indicate this is essentially never happened. The Texas legislature is also ready after several years of trying to end the driver responsibility program looks like that will go away this session. That's the program that slapped huge surcharge fees on top of fines for a number of moving traffic violations, resulting in one point three million Texans over the course of the last fifteen years, losing their driver's license, because they couldn't afford to pay those fines and fees. Many of them ended up. Driving without a license the same concept that worked so well with the debtor's prisons, back in the Victorian time you owe money so we're going to throw you in prison where you can't make money to pay off your debts. And that's what was happening with the driver responsibility program. Looks like that's done as well. All right, Jim. Thanks very much news director, Jim foresight morning commentary, president in Pennsylvania, for a campaign rally last night, what he had to say. Maybe more importantly, what he did not say San Antonio. I news correspondent Michael Bauer before eight thirty. The idea of your dream home, actually becoming a reality is pretty intoxicating. A boy, there's a lot of steps from point a two point Z. This is Megan Bishop, you need to get with perch, immediately. Because there's this thing called the contingency plan, you want to steer clear of that. Here's how it works. You can't buy that dream home until you sell your old home, and that whole process has so many moving parts will a lot.

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