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CCC talks are members from the CC global expert panel now as the name suggests gesture. These folks are panel of global experts. Who contribute to the C. C. in various ways in the development delivery of the promotion? Shen of good practice for all things digital services and technologies that include serious such as cloud big data Iot blockchain a until four. So it's great to have you all here this session. I'm just GONNA ask you briefly to introduce yourselves for our listeners. In about thirty seconds from the top there. You're just over two for thirty seconds. Okay thank you are pretty introduction. Okay Hi I am. A cloud service management consultants for three days a week helping. It organizations go into the cloud. I make the best out of it. They are and two days a week. I am a trainer for Professional Cloud Service Management and service management and not in East Lawrence where I do training for three days in the week Nichols opens in the same. Few basically empathic so right at the coalface. They're fantastic Brian again. Briefly a little bit about Self Brian Okinawa. Qa trailing in the UK. I'M A job title technical T. You needn't principal technologists than I responsible for hybrid on multi cloud environments on specialized. VM where some tastic hybrid were there that might pop up in a few minutes. We'll Peter Hi. My name is separate overnight. In about ten years ago we started the development of was now called gold cloud technology associate or not that was caught essentials. Since then I've built up a business as a trainer and I was probably one of the most experienced clouds trainers worldwide since then focusing on cloud and cloud security As of last month I barth time associate professor the University of Utah of appliance in guess what Cyber Security and cloud thank you mark. Thank you Peter. I had hair debt notification of congratulations on an appointment. They're I think they're in good hands. I think so great and Gary Yourself Grieving from Perth in Western Australia aaliyah. My name is Gary Fielder worked for an organization called DOS. We're also learning partner. We are the only multi cloud training provider in Australia. able to offer Google cloud. Aws and micro cloud training as well as a cloud credentials consequences as well we'll see the largest it provider. Cybersecurity is my current pet thing. I have a little mission to be the number one cybersecurity provider in Asia. Fantastic fantastic so best of luck with that I'm sure you will achieve that. As referred to mentally of hybrid cloud multi cloud of this library does a lot of overlay there even mention of Eitel to make it onto some a uh-huh shortly getting off in this session of CCC talks. I'm we're going to focus initially on the report just released so our are CCC Global Digital Skill Survey Twenty nine in there. We've identified three critical findings and also a essop lamentable findings as well On they've looked at a broad spectrum but we focus on areas. We remember see. I am all culture individual Joel and organization and the impact of all this technological change driven by cloud and then all these new cloud services and so. I think what. Today's I guess we're going to look at some of these. Findings explore them a little bit more and see 'em insights. We can gleam to open things up the impact heck of changed now. It's been driven by all this new. It technology cloud saying this all over the years but there's an impact on the organization that then impacts people's I'd impact culture from your experiences with your organization. You're working with 'em how you saying that affect the people side of things within organizations. I think I think it's easier than ever before to adopt technology you would an ID and password. I heard you can get into all sorts of Safra Service which is quite easy but the impact electrically now neither to the business or entity. It function what we're aging is an impact on people. Any comments on that from your experience from erases at this is Brian. Yeah so what we've seen is with people. Moving multiple based technologies analogies where finding the A lot of people resisting the change owner than the one that stole data in the cloud. Because it's unsecure they're also fighting as as well. I like the no show for being spied on by senior management. So What we're seeing when we people our Cole says it's a theory of change? Yeah I think fear of change but also I think that you said in there There's trust element as well. I think isn't there. Do I trust this cloud or software or this thing. First of all data is stored and I think ultimately do I trust. This will probably do what I'm doing today in the future element there as well. We got the skills to do this. Brave new move over to the cloud. If you think back three years ago we'll rushing getting latest version version of Windows Server. Worry I can tell you that..

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