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Spot on nobre winter is an untold story google in san jose activists are gathering girdles annual shareholders meeting to protest plans to build a new campus in san jose the group is called silicon valley rising and they say they plan to protest google's building of mega campus that in their estimate will worsen the homelessness problem and the vision crisis they're asking google to commit to a deal that will protect residents from the impacts of tech gentrification should the tech giant come to san jose data center in the ocean amounts of information it's held involve data centers which consume large amounts at trinity microsoft has begun an energy efficient experiment by sinking a small data center in the sea of the coast of scotland for recasting jones reports whether it's uploaded a photo data joe facebook status or maybe streets music so you've probably used a data center where vast amounts of personal information now stored what did he could put older that on the water popping oak nate the tech giant microsoft is trying to do just that this white cylinder is packed with computers it was assembled in france and then brought here to be sunk we're on across scarpa flow to the deployment site but i've won making question why sync data center cooled data centers in water than on land and that means we use a lot less power to cool the data center than we otherwise would it is kind of crazy experiment but that's why we do research is to try these things sort of pushes to new places and it's.

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