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Well, it's Los Angeles, the school board to USD they control the on campus lives of about 600,000 students. Deciding that? Yeah. H eligible students must be vaccinated. Beginning in November. The vote being unanimous. Yeah. Yes, Jonas. The item passes. Thank you at their meeting, And it came. Taylor, after angry parents spoke mostly in Spanish, utilizing a translator, saying the board had no right to tell them what to put in their Children's bodies. That they did not want the board to do this. I don't. I'm not going to allow you to experiment with my Children. For years, Animals have been experimented on and it seems like now that's not permitted and you're going to experiment with the young Children about board members came back and said Already, many vaccines are required for students to attend schools requiring a vaccine is not new. They said. This one has been politicized by that they believe the proof is there. That with a quarter of new cases in L, a county last week, coming from schools that they need to do it that studies have shown it is safe and effective. And Dr George McKenna on the school board, he says, This is a necessary right now. You don't want to get this disease. Prayer might help, but it won't cure In this case. The political science is not medical science and doctors spoke to the board medical doctors saying the vaccines are needed at this time in history. We are being called. To move away from our individualism. And make decisions. For the greater sake of humanity, so the band aid will begin in November. Beginning in November. Students have two that are going to be in person and our age eligible have to have at least their first shot by the end of November, and now other school districts Taylor here in California, including Oakland and San Francisco, they're talking about doing the same. Some smaller ones already have Culver City outside of LA did this couple of weeks ago. L. A, though now being the largest and the second largest school district in the country. Overall, the largest now do this and that to move forward with this plan. Obviously the youngest of the student body can't get vaccinated. Still, was that addressed at all in these l. A unified school district meetings definitely was. Their hope is that by the end of November that younger students will be able to get it. But even if not, they made the rule age eligible. So right now, anybody over 12 years old, they will be able to get it. Nb mandated to get it and then as students age into that age range, then they will have to get it as well. And the school board knows they're probably going to face lawsuits are going to face legal challenges. They have throughout the pandemic for a number of different things for their at home, learning that they did, and some of the other measures of testing that they're doing right now, every student in the U. S C. Has to test negative once a week to be able to come to campus. And they have won most of those, if not a majority of of the challenges against the school district. They say they believe the bill probably have to battle legal challenges again, but they feel like this is what they need to do. Alex might be a little off topic, I guess but has the governor of California commented on this because I know he's in the midst of a recall election here said that this is something maybe down the road that the California State wide would have to do. He's not against this against L a doing it. He's not putting a lot of new rules into place right now and hasn't for a number of months as he's been dealing with the recall. It would seem that not make anybody angry and try to stir things up. But he has made it known that Going down the road. This is something that may need to happen. They may need to mandate schoolchildren statewide be vaccinated, But he says we're not there yet. A BCS Alex Stone with us from Los Angeles, Alex. Thank you. And that's comas. Taylor van sites time now to check in with the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk, and Cuomo's Bill Swartz Seahawks are healthy. The Colts man not so much for Sunday season opener. It's a spotless injury report is coach Pete Carroll prepares to take his Seattle football team to the Hoosier State. That's a good thing it has to do with a lot of elements, you know. The condition that the guys put forth to get ready and then once they got here, working with with our training staff. Conversely, Indianapolis has ruled out starting corner Xavier Rhodes with a calf injury. Offensive lineman Quinton Nelson and Eric Fisher, questionable Washington and Washington State both in bounce back mode tomorrow in their college football games. The Huskies at Michigan five PM Kick on Come OTV, four at three o'clock and Pullman, the Cooks take on Portland State. Seattle storms chances of defending their W NBA title have taken a hit start forward Brianna Stewart sitting out the last two regular season games with the foot injury. The Mariners next to last home stand starts tonight against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Seattle currently two games back of the Yankees for that second L wild card. The EMS Triple A affiliate to come a reindeers in first place, and they're on the home Diamond tonight against Sacramento and the Seattle Sounders tomorrow, where 9 11 remembrance patches as they kick the soccer ball on Blumenfield pitch against Minnesota, United Sports at 10 and 40 After the hour, Bill Schwartz come on, is A SunTrust checking account lets you stay on top of your money and help it grow. Plant the seeds for your goals with access to financial resources and tools, keep.

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