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Int market that it was a mistake to do it this year it doesn't mean that i'm any less interested in doing it over the wall and the commissioner talked about the free agent market and the slowdown we saw during the winter i think that some of the rhetoric both from the mlb pa and the agents slow the market down you know we've got a lot of smart young gm's out there when you tell them i have a player to have no offers form is doesn't look like it usually looks i i'm not out there riding that i have twelve offers what are those seems do they wait because they think the price is coming down and so i do think that played a role in it as well he was asked about the possibility of having a runner start at second base in extra innings because that's what's happening in the minor leagues this year i don't see this as a rule that we're going to bring to major league baseball it was overwhelmingly supported by the clubs in minor league baseball they thought it was good from a developmental perspective and frankly given experience we'd had with it during the see we've got the fans might like it so good experiment one that probably is not major league worthy and he was asked about the marlins tear down during the winter i went over i saw them islands during spring training i talked to people within the organization the marlins front office is energized i think they have a coherent plan for how they're going to be competitive within a reasonable period of time dare cheaters winter i think that the fans in miami are going to be pleased with what happens with their in bruce sherman at the helm if they just give them a little time to execute on their plant we'll be back in a moment with your bleach tweets but i the word from sun basket can healthy be delicious with sun basket the answer is yes forget protein shaking and flavourless diet food start cooking fresh healthy meals with delicious organic produce with sun basket sun basket makes it easy inconvenience cook healthy delicious meals at home now.

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