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Because of his sweet leopard-print pink pink. Leopard. Speedo. Yes, eight at three times fast pink Leprince Speedo, pink leopard sprint. Yeah. Welcome back everybody. And thank you for joining us. This is radioactive spider, a podcast. Look back in the ninety s animated, spider man cartoon and asks, how many flashbacks can be fit into one show. I'm your host today. The mercenary, Kevin McEvoy I'm joined as always by my crack swat trained killers the predatory Peter is Dr those are rumors and they are not true. And the valiant Vero Taylor, I have the best intentions, but I often end up failing. That's scarily accurate before we get into it. Check out our social media for screen shots updates all that bullshit were at RA spider. Ponant Twitter at radioactive spider pot on Facebook and Instagram and all the links on our website, radioactive, spider dot com. Are you guys locked and loaded with some talent juice for today? I am. I'm continuing my trend of vampire episodes being accompanied by red wine. Day-old red wine beater. I'm just taking it easy last time. The gen got to me, I think it was because he was pink. So I'm just like only have one beer and it's a nickel. Brooke duplicitous Citra, dry helps our. It's actually brunettes. Well, in honor of our eight limb d- protagonist. I've got myself another octopus wants to fight from Great Lakes. So sounds like we are all set. We're ready to haul ourselves up off of this cliff that we've been hanging on for two weeks. So regain your animal instincts, and readier anticorrosive shields because we're squaring off for Neo genyk nightmare chapter eight dul of the hunters. Hunter's first aired November eleventh nineteen ninety five and is based.

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