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Ago, I started tracks from now People are getting so disgusted with me, I guess clicking in on their twitter or whatever that they weren't happy with that. So I got off completely and my Twitter chat. We're not a big Explains. Let me let me ask you a ball of paper. Just Kim, send out all of your tweets. Yes. I've never sent out a tweet. Except that I'm getting when I was doing the Twitter and I was in tune with what was going that I got. It's not like riding a bike for may. Okay? I just can't ship back on there and start doing it. So once I got away from it, I haven't going back. The reason why this is important is that males trending today time? Mel is trending on Twitter. Yeah, And did you not hear the friend? I have to say something controversial with us? No. I just think your mock draft is the generation of discussion and topics. As is always the case. When either of you releases a mock draft. I'm proud of you, Piper. It's a big accomplishment in the second round that did it is gonna say you got 64 picks, which means you have 64 opportunities. It was called 63 because he really can't criticize Trevor going one to the Jaguars, but 63 chances Mels picks to be ridiculed, and we're gonna get the males mock draft in just a little bit. We want to start because Todd somehow squeezed in time, not just to finish his book, The scattered reports. If you haven't seen them in ESPN blast dot com are phenomenal there in death, their personal, their athletic skills, their football skills. There's a great involved. They're really tremendous. A comprehensive if you want to read about basically every player It was a chance to get drafted. You also wrote your house satellite team time, which is an annual piece that you write. A simple version of it is the players that you think are the best in space for this year's class and you want to go through the entirety of it. We do have ESPN plus for a reason, but I wanted to start with a wide receiver who is really intriguing found his way into males mock draft. 22 at well from Louisville, who what he lacks in size Todd. He makes up for in basically every other speed based category. Yeah, I feel I've been doing this for 12 years now, which is shocking to me. I'll never forget the first year doing it from the ESPN news room. And it was C. J. Spiller was the winner of that year, and we did this whole thing and he was so confused. He had no idea I was I was crowning him the first ever All satellite team winner, and since then we've had Odell Beckham Jr. We've had branded cooks we've had Christian McCaffrey, Lamar Jackson, Cuyler Murray Henry rugs. The third was it was the winner last year. This year. It's Jalen Waddle. I don't want to take away from ESPN, plus Jalen Water's kind of no no brainer. But one of the players you mentioned to two at work from Louisville. He's only five FT nine. He ran a 432 in his in his 40. And the thing I love about him is that he's he's not just quick. He's fast. So when you haven't elite combination of speed and quickness to get off the line of scrimmage should be pressed to create after the catch to utilizing the screen game in the reverse game, but then also to get vertical. There's not many guys that are five FT. Nine that were able to get vertical and make plays down. The field like 22 out well is and listen. He may not be a first round pick, but I'm very confident he's going to be a top 50 pick in this year's draft. I think of team's gonna get one. We have so many good slot receivers ELISA more from all Miss Rondell more from Purdue to two at Wells we're talking about now. One of these kids that's looking for a receiver that they don't get in the first round. We're going to be able to get a really good player in that well around, too. Now, the big question mark on to two. Atwell is this size? I think he waited at 1 55 in his pro day and historically, the number of players that have made a major impact at the NFL level of £155 is a short list. Is there something about that? Well, that you see that makes him different than how confident are you in him is a player who, as I mentioned did make it into that two round mock draft. They play smart, and I think that's one thing you have to do When you're hundreds of Hollywood Brown, you gotta live to fight another day. That was one thing. I said it back to the area's Tony Today from Florida Love his aggressiveness. But there are times where he's taken on when he should just go out of bounds or get down another extra yard. Or he's not gonna make a difference in a lot of this place, but subjects your body to a lot of hits and a lot of punishment. So thankful to two. I notice that he's protecting himself. He's getting away. You understand the 155 £60. You can't be taking these big time hit since arriving so May. He's in there. I'll tell you what. I called my lost in space guys, because I do get lost in space. And I'll say, Oh, Marty Rogers, Todd and Field Fund a watch. I mean, he breaks tackles, He gets low. The defenders have a tough time getting him down. A Marty Rogers from Clemson is a really that son of T. Martin, former Tennessee quarterback assistant coach in the NFL, now in Baltimore, But I think the Marty Rogers can't get pushed down to four have him going to New England would pick 46. Round two at 22 Atwell going the second round. Arizona 14 receivers guys going in the first two rounds could've had 17 very easily on I have right now, 21 in the first three ground, so this is a draft loaded with slot and outside receiver just going back to that. Well, think about this for a second. He averaged nine yards. After the catch, so every time you're throwing the ball to him, and he catches the ball, he's getting getting you nine yards from that spot wherever it is on the field, which is amazing. I mean, there are a lot of guys who were 456 yards after catching nine yards after the catch every time he has a reception. At well, Obviously, one of the better players or Louisville program and quite some time, actually, to the same high school is Teddy Bridgewater. So they follow the same pipeline from high school. A couple of guys from Miami area who both And the world any obviously already well established in the NFL, and two to about to become the same in just a couple of weeks here, Todd, you are hard to see you pull together and the early player of the week if such an award actually existed was D. Eskridge, the wide receiver fruit, western Michigan who was all over the field. What more is there to know about his game? People may not know given that comes from a small school and does not have a long track record playing wide receiver. Dwayne s cruise. I mean, just watching his tape. He was so much different than all the athletes that he was going up against. And you know he had 13 catches for his 20 yards this past season, the average 23 yards. Her catch, which was fourth in the BCS. So again Mel Jan 14 guys in the first two rounds, which again would be a record, and Eskridge is a guy maybe goes late second, somewhere in the third But there are so many receivers to get in this class, and Eskridge is one of them who who's kind of bounce around. But he really came into his own last couple of years of western Michigan, and he's so explosive and he showed it again as you mentioned at the Senior Bowl, with the ability going up against top corners to separate his quickness and speed, get down the field but also to separate in and out of brakes. And and really reliable, catching the football as well. Well. He also makes it into your two round mock draft. Is this one of those years where, just like last year when you had wide receivers explain to the second round, you stay in a normal year. That guy might be about 30 or 35 Pick. Where would D Eskridge land in a critical normal year relative to where he wound up in your two round mock? What's the Somali slot receivers? Maybe mid second instead of it 59 to Cleveland. You didn't know what one point is probably was gonna be a defensive actor, corner or a slot receiver. But certainly with his kind of explosiveness is what Cleveland wants Rondell board have right behind him out of Purdue going to New Orleans. So it is a draft where l love Kay Johnson out of South Dakota States and Nice. Don't be a nice 3rd 4th round pick for somebody. JOSH Armor, Tennessee. There's so many of those guys and Anthony Schwartz. I had them in the second There were tied, ended up with Anthony Schwartz from Auburn. But Quarterbacking for on the football is an issue is a freshman. He was averaging over 16 yards catch right around 16 yards of cash checks, weeks reverses. He was very effective, ran before Tuesday for three reigns of a kid who can fly like that. Anthony Sports from Albright's gonna hear his name called. I think within the first two rounds. Great draft to around out your offensive skill player. If I keep thinking about teams like hasn't been, we'll talk about those market just a moment. But the Packers the Chiefs the back end of the first round and might be able to use a little bit of wider Seaver death, even though they have obviously terrific offenses as it go read the entire all satellite team piece on ESPN plus dot com.

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