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Love sauce and to manifest. They slav got himself. Cain to they said thing coordinated in the flesh of mung and accepted all the sins of mankind by being baptized by john the baptist. And because of this. He had to be crucified to shed his blood cer- death but we also know that he did not send his work of salvation with his death bolts. He rose from the data gains a us eternal life. We must remember this without fail and believe it with all our hautes. Even if we know nothing hells we must at least no love of god. Show was through the gospel of the water and the spirit. This must be grasped by all of you even if you were electorates by god sent. Jesus christ is only gonna saunter. They serve to manifest his love for you. The son of god bore all our sins by being baptized by john. The baptist and god the father even allowed his son sabih crucified god. The father loved to so much but he did not spare his own song and delivered him to death so all of us must believe that this is how much god loved us. I ask each and every one of you to realize and believe with all your heart. That's got the father loved. You like this. When we think of god's love we can see just how great and noble it says in contrast when we think of as human beings we see that we all too weak selfish and wicked when animals are trapped in a forest. Phya and perish helplessly. We feel sorry for them but the corruption and wickedness of humankind have reached such an extreme extends. But we would not feel sorry for human beings even if fire came down from the heavens right now and devoured the whole planet earth however far from punishing such evil people. Lie 'cause terrible suffering. The lord has given us the gospel of the water and the spirit and saved all he believe in this gospel. If i had god's power. I would have punished such people in every way possible by plaguing them with incurable diseases. I'm bringing every conceivable plight to them so that they would all lack anais in suffering for the rest of their lives. God could have done this easily. But god is not light me and so rather than bringing switch suffering to mankind. He has brought salvation by giving us the gospel of the water and the spirits. Are you really thankful for this. We were made by god. Psalms and when we had gone astray despite being god's creatures instead of punish ingles got manifested his love through the salvation of the water and the spirit. Could we then still claim to be good people. If we do not believe in this truth of salvation. If we were to reject this love of god we would be worse than beasts even a ferocious beast like tiger. If it's taken as a copa and raised by its masters -opays and listens to him even an animal trust and follows kind muster a so. How much more should you as a human being created. By god's hums trust and follow your creator. God shown his unbound lafi youth through the cost of the water and the spirits. But do you even recognize him as your savior undeniably true. That mom was made by god. Everyone was indeed created by. God is also true. That's everyone can patong god slav and be remitted from all his sins because human beings are in fact evil by nature all of them must receive salvation from god by faith. What's we must remember without fail. Is that god has given us the gospel the water and the spirit out of his love for us and that he still loves us..

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