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B. C.'s David Wright this was a tough week for the White House on multiple fronts you had blistering criticism over the president's Syria policy and his decision essentially to leave the Kurds out in the cold there was controversy over the decision to hold next year's G. seven summit at the president's golf resort in Miami Florida and finally damage control over these comments from Mick Mulvaney that seem to confess that there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine the White House now is regrouping hoping that next week might be a little bit better that's David right a dangerous cleanup plan after last week's deadly collapse in New Orleans has been delayed by at least a day says A. B. C.'s prime Clark hours before a planned implosion of two large cranes that were damaged in last week's collapse of the hard rock hotel under construction experts realize there was more damage to those cranes than first thought they got a big I closely found out some things about it and it changed the way they're gonna you take it down to New Orleans fire department chief Timothy McConnell says those changes mean the one hundred forty five thousand pound cranes will not be imploded any earlier than noon Sunday dangers to do it they don't want and it'll be changes when it happened three people were killed more than twenty others hurt in that collapse last weekend Brian Clark ABC news Houston Astros have won the American League pennant for the second time in three years they knocked off the Yankee six to four and game six of the A. L. C. S. this is ABC news ready to create your own income with your own home based business where there's no such thing is getting laid off if a billionaire entrepreneur spent five years in twenty million dollars searching for the next big trend wouldn't you want.

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