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Arminarm out with doug peterson but anyway that aside you know when you look at what's going on so far i there are times where i'm looking at i'm looking at aaron boone and i feel like he's just figuring it out along the way you know like one callaway just has that look and feel right now like he is fully where he's supposed to be this was his destiny no but i mean he's got a full handle on everything because the big the big issue is because the problem for the for the mets was the bullpen and pitching and callaway just happened to be an expert in that in that department so it's easy for him to speak pitcher so he can look at a guy say no you're done because he can say no i know because i know because i've been in your shoes before i'm protecting you from yourself trust me it's harder for for bone to say that to a pitcher because he's never pitched before so he doesn't know sometimes with the body language the non verbal communication data position player can be telling you his mouth is saying one thing but his body and his actions are telling you something else it's harder to see if you've never been in that position before i went back sorry one second i went back to boone's opening press conference just for a moment because i thought that he had said something interesting about the process and he did he said i know i'm going to be john john wins and losses and we're chasing championships but i think i'll be as a manager someone who isn't chasing after wins every day i want to get lost into the.

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