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Is Mary TOTO Mary. Coco marie. I have no idea. All right. So move up can know what I'm talking about. Marie cocoa funkaway. Soclean. I don't know. I haven't seen it. But one of the Teamster. Okay. I just hear about it on the radio like every fucking day. So I know the content right? All right, man. It's fine. Twenty nineteen. Yeah. True. True. Big fan of Mary toe cocoa. But. Gary Neville's point was something that I truly agreed with he went through the Manchester United squad, and basically said who should remain who should go and let me just run through a couple of these names with you. The heya obviously upping stays smuggling. Let him the fuck go Jones. Let him the fuck. Go Linden loss. Let him stay actually encourage them to stay. He's he's trying to become a good defender. Luke Shaw, stay pulp Hauge. Stay madij dawn. Fred gone marchisio. Stay Lukaku, gone Radford. Stay the lawn gone fucking. Pereira gone Alexi Sanchez, gone Malta gone Jesse then guards day, so literally out of this fucking fifteen team fifteen person lineup that went to Everton four or five of them should actually be wearing a Manchester United color, and and that should be a fucking huge warning sign where the common fan like me. And you understanding can absolutely see that fucking Chris Mullin should not be playing in the same defense that Rio Ferdinand played in that that's just fucking that should be a absolute fact mattress should not be in the same position that Paul schools was Lukaku should not hold would Wayne Rooney's position fucking. Fred should not hold Fletcher's position. I I can go through the list that even the worst Manchester United players of the past things need to be. Change in a Manchester United. Yes, bef- before we get to you know, my team are endless. You know? Talk about another red team. We're going to get the arsenal. Who don't you worry? We're going to get the fucking gunners Liverpool with a confident win over Cardiff City who are fighting for their lives in the relegation battle. If you look at the stat sheet Liverpool dominated this every single way when autumn with the ridiculous just fucking hit in the box that ball mice. He'll be traveling in another penalty given to Mohammed Salah, you know, all send out all the dive memes, you one and James Milner who is more clutch than that in between water at the bar..

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