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What it is is in such a bully in time that their voices they left us decades ago but their voice is on a loop right. Your parents the jerk on your paper route the bullies. All of that is like on a On a loop so. I'm interested to see where this new way of doing things is gonna go. What do you mean the new way. Well i haven't fat people on billboards it'd be called heroes and stuff. They just go on the complete other direction where that leads going here. Yeah i think people are not shaming them. Who's saying you. You took that burger. So i could live is acting like their heroes wayne ono. What i made you know how bad you know me you how bad we got it and we were in shape and because we were orange people indoors everybody got him back in the day and now like not only are they. You can't give anybody any shit. You basically preventing them from getting you know. Early onset diabetes with the fat shaming. You really are doing. You're you're you're not your motivation. It's just because you have parents or something so you attack the fat kid but in a way helping them out and i don't think putting them up on the billboard sheringham onto continue eating these hostess cupcakes. First of all. You know. I'm fucking around your fucking around but you know what it wasn't different time i this you're just talking about. It was the seventy s. And i was in a summer camp and i really was unhappy. And the counselors weren't nice. It was this camp up in maine. I'm not gonna name it. No one was nice. No one was nice in the seventies and what happened. Was i remembered that sunblock had just come out and literally in the previous. When i went to camp. I get so badly burned. Because i'm a red haired guy because they had no dodie looks like lobster. Look like i'll lot staff and i remembered. Oh we're going out on the on the water. We're going to get in these aluminum canoes in a cook. So i ran up to my cabinet. And i quickly put on some sun protection on my legs and i went down and the guy who ran the boating expedition. The counselor who must have been about twenty years old was like well well. Well look who's late. Why we allay and i said well you know i had to put on my son. My son pre he had put on his side and he got all the kids to laugh at me. And i'm like no i just. It's so the sun all the sun and just thought today that's a lawsuit but back then that was gonna come aboard. Yeah it was. It was just a nine. How do you think you're ready now to get on the. Would you like a parasol house..

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