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The top stories that we're following for you today on WTO, former president Trump will fly to New York today, security is tied as mister Trump prepares to be arraigned on charges arising from hush money payments during his 2016 campaign. On Tuesday, he will be formally arraigned on criminal charges in a historic indictment that remains under seal in West Palm Beach, mister Trump gave a thumbs up and wave to supporters from inside his SUV as he left his golf club. He has not appeared before cameras to address his indictment, but that is expected to change soon. That CVS correspondent Jericho Duncan. Members of Congress are keeping a very close eye on developments linked to former president Trump's indictment, more from WTO's Mitchell Miller today on the hill. Ohio congressman Mike Turner, like many Republicans, is concerned that the prosecution of the former president is politically motivated. It's one thing when you have a cancel culture, it's another one you have a cancel criminal justice system, and I hope that we're certainly not turning to that. Still, Turner says people need to see what happens as the process plays out in court. West Virginia democratic senator Joe Manchin, who liked Turner spoke on CNN's State of the Union, says many people are skeptical of an unbiased legal system, and he says the prosecution needs to be keenly aware of that. I hope they are very thorough and the job they do. Do you have to make sure cross every T dot every day as they say? On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO news. A lawyer who has helped victims of sexual abuse is now facing child pornography charges. Michael dolce recently represented D.C. families against Washington Hebrew congregations preschool during a sex abuse case, FBI agents say when they executed a search warrant, they caught dolce, looking at explicit images of adolescent girls in his bed. He represented families who sued the Washington Hebrew congregation preschool in 2019. It stemmed around allegations that a male teacher sexually abused at least 8 children, WTO has reached out to dolce's lawyer for comment. Gas prices are inching higher across the country, triple-A reports, the national average of regular gas is up 5 cents from last week here in our region regular gas has gone up almost ten cents, and prices could continue to rise this summer because some major oil producers are making surprise cuts. So how high could those gas prices go this summer? There's a very strong possibility that we're the national average should get above $4 a gallon if not higher. The thing is is that the United States is backed off oil and gas investment. They've had an adversarial relationship with Saudi Arabia. That has pushed Saudi Arabia closer to our adversaries like China. And so because of that, the U.S. is becoming the barrel right now. Price futures group, senior market analyst Phil Flynn. Russia blames Ukraine for the bombing attack that killed a well-known Russian military blogger who supported Moscow's war. 40 year old tokarski was killed Sunday when he was leading a discussion at a cafe in the historic heart of St. Petersburg, over 30 people were wounded by the blast ten of them remain in serious condition this morning. Ukraine has not responded yet to the allegation. Russia's investigative committee says the suspected bomber is under arrest and had previously detained was rather previously detained for taking part in anti war rallies. Finland officially becomes a member of NATO this week. Turkey, the last country to have ratified Finland's membership and has now signed off. NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg says Finland will become the 31st member of the military alliance on Tuesday. A flag raising ceremony to add the finished flag to those of the other members will take place at NATO headquarters on Tuesday afternoon. The first teen police academy in Arlington was so popular last year that it's being expanded for this summer. Applications are now being accepted online for two sessions being held in the months of July and August at the long branch aquatics and fitness center

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