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Talk to you in the heat of the interview. I realized i call the little green men from toy story. Millions i mixed up my kind of animated digital animated film references in one sentence. Sorry not okay james. Not okay must do better. I have to say that. I mean even though i myself i avoid smart speakers a lot i know you james. You don't even smart speakers either and for me. I'm i'm more wary of how they can be misused even for abuse and stuff so that's probably why i avoid them a lot but it's also one of the reasons i'm hugely appreciative of cheryl's attention to human messiness in her book where she also talks about how people are not predictable how they always exist within a space that can be noisier quiet or space where they're holding off for other things have their attention or their capabilities or constrained and so being able to observe and understand and map all that that's the essence of doing work that's necessary to make technology that technology to adapt to humans and not the other way around so for me that's the absolute imperative stuff to unethical designer prototypes really being communicated shed digital experiences is really tough because we'll top is talking about normally traditionally in computer interaction you have a user singular and a computer singular was much of this we're talking about now is multiple users and multiple interfaces and switching between individuals switching between users and doing the seamlessly of course it's complicated. Yeah it's it's bound to mess up doomed to fail. Maybe at that point where. It's too complex to get it right. Well i suppose the whole thing about racing along so busy racing and running but you don't have the time to stop and think about getting it right. Yeah and some of the frameworks and tools. Charles book is there to help you try and get it right given the experience..

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