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Didn't bother her. So I thought I gotta find out what this is. 'cause nobody could really say what those signals were. So I had produced the return to move album years before with a great producer, William McEwan whose engineer. Bob Edwards was now working for George Lucas. So I called up and I told him what was going on. And I said, Bob, let me send you these signals and see if you can tell me anything, so he analyzed him and looked at him on an oscilloscope, and he said, well, Merle they're actually three signals in that spot. There's a lower signal that's a carrier signal. And then there's something that he felt was a message and then in the higher signal, then he said, there's a signal even higher above that. It's not audible to human ears. And he said that's where the problem is. So I've had other people analyze this. But nobody can really tell exactly what it is. And I was on a radio show up here in San Luis Obispo and a lady we played this. Song and a lady called up and said, well when I was young and in the late forties. I used to go to the beach with my aunt and my mom at night, and they lived in Malibu, and she said, we would see these lights going in and out there. So something has been going on there for a long time. Are they still getting reports of lights to this day Merle? Yes. And people are sending me pictures, George that they're taking with their cell phones. One surfer even sent me a video of stinks. And they're they're not explainable. I can't really tell what it is. But you know, there is some kind of activity, and I was talking to grant Cameron about it. You know, he's a great research. He's one of the best. He wanted to even come out here. With me and take my has video crew down there and just in the van and spend the night and see if we could catch any thing. And I've been so busy. I haven't been able to do it. And, you know, the, weather rain, and rain and rain, rain, rain rain, and I've never felt it this cold here on the California's central coast is this winter, and as you know, Malibu's had a lot of flooding. So maybe closer to summer. We'll go down there. And check that out. I could never understand the Frank Sinatra song lady is a tramp. Where's the he sings that she didn't like California because it was cold? And it's damp, and I kept saying, it's warm and nice. But you're right. It gets cold and damp. Well, I've never in all the years. I lived here. You know, I lived in Hawaii for fifteen years, but my parents lived here. I've never felt it is cold as it. Has been this. You're right. This winter, and you know, you can go to San Francisco and be stuck in the fog there, and it could be kind of cold and damp. I feel the weather is definitely changing while since you moved on to Hawaii. What inspired you to get to that move looking for that continent? Yes. And like I said when I found that book when I was living in Woodland Hills in nineteen sixty nine is when I found that book and. I read it. And I just I connected with it. And so did two of the other guys in the band so much. We said that's the name of our band now MU and United Artists put an album out on us era records in LA put her album out on.

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