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Future spacecraft land on distant worlds. A few of the stories to tell you about this week at nasa we launched a new interactive website. Highlighting land sat nine the joint nasa and us geological survey satellite mission is targeted for launch september sixteenth from california's vandenberg space force base lands at nine. We'll continue the programs critical role in monitoring and managing land resources such as agricultural crops water and forests needed to sustain human life or more details visit massive dot gov slash lance at nine. The next spacex resupply mission to the international space station will carry a variety of nasa science investigations including a study on preventing and treating bone density loss at investigation aimed at detecting and mitigating vision disorders. And a new robotic arm demonstration that has potential uses on earth including for disaster relief. The mission is currently targeted for launch august. Twenty eighth from our kennedy space center in florida. The team working on the umbrella like adaptable deployable entry and placement technology or adept. Heat shield designed to deliver science payloads on future missions to mars and beyond is testing out a new material called spider. We've it is a woven. Fabric may think will improve the integrity of the heat shield and make it safer for larger vehicles to safely pass through the atmospheres of more distant locations on august nineteenth. We observed the one hundred birthday of late star trek creator. Gene roddenberry with a panel discussion about the groundbreaking shows legacy of inspiration. Hope and diversity is son rod roddenberry moderated the panel which included star trek actor and activist. George decay as well. As members of nasr's diverse workforce opening remarks for the hit were provided by nasa administrator. Bill nelson it also featured a nineteen seventy six recording in which gene roddenbury talked about the impact. He hoped the show would have on diversity and inclusion. The whole show was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate but to take a delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms. We transmitted roddenbury's recorded remarks into space for the agencies deep space network asked the panel. Discussion was happening. Astronomers have spotted a group of young stars and star forming gas clouds sticking out of one of our milky way. Galaxy's spiral arms like a splinter from a piece of lumber this previously unrecognized feature of the galaxies sagittarius arm stretches some three thousand light years and was found with help from nasa spitzer space telescope prior to its retirement.

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