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Pain. Traffic and weather on the 8s to Ian Crawford in the WTO traffic center. Seeing a lot of our workloads grow to weigh 66 ease beyond the earlier work we had after exit 57 for route 50 pharaohs and then to get over the top of the capitol. By the way, those work zones have been cleaned up and put away so you're right now from haymarket across the capitol bellway onto the roslin tunnel is good. Our boundaries still seeing some cones, 66 westbound before and after 29 Centreville over on the right side, also the ramp in 29 northbound to go west on 66 block, same work zone. On the bellway, no reported delays right now, everything seems to be hunky Dory between McLean and Alexandria, three 95 and 95 good-looking morning out of Fredericksburg across the rappahannock and through Stafford without delays through dumfries and all the way to the Springfield interchange, no issues pending, and then on three 95 all the way to the 14 three bridge without issue or delay in the travel lanes. In the district on the freeway, nothing pending at the moment, D.C. two 95 and I two 95 are quiet in Maryland. Most of the majors are in good shape, two 70 out of Frederick Bill delays is running all the way to the lane divide, 95, Baltimore, Washington Parkway, beltway to bellway doing well, do have a issue pending potentially inside the bellway on branch avenue, report of a crash northbound near athlete with caution for what may remain in the roadway. Long distance Voyager is still vexed by an issue north of the northbound 15 near roddy creek road, the crash said to involve a tractor trailer and a fuel spill and the lanes have been blocked for about three hours. Now, no estimate is to win they are going to be unblocked south batters get by without delay. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Today's highs make a run for the 80s, mostly sunny by the afternoon. So we're actually going to see

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