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Children's rights under the California Constitution are being violated because of covert 19 restrictions, which are keeping the kids out of the classroom. KPK. Aubrey Aquino has more now on this lawsuit. The lawsuit names California's governor, Other state officials and several Shasta County school District Freedom Foundation attorney Moraga Darrow filed the case and says the parents believe the risk for their students catching the virus is very small and their Children's right to attend on campus classes five days a week has been violated a fully capable of preventing the minimal risk. And they have faced and the school's ability to prevent the wrist and still my students in school because that they they think the harm along from harm is going to be far greater. They're not getting that a good education right now. Sendero says her organization has filed similar suits in Washington and Oregon. But this is the first in California Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 kfbk and coming up in 15 minutes and then we're going to go a little bit deeper on this with our bikini will join us more on them. This'll morning. One local school district has set a possible date to start in person instruction. Here's kfbk Sneak a magus. The Elk Grove Unified School District could possibly resume in person instruction within the coming weeks. The district sent a letter to parents, students and staff, saying October 13th is the county's earliest possible projected date of when schools could reopen. The district has already scheduled a workshop with county education officials on October 14th where it will present its reopening plan. Nikhil Magus News 93.1 CALF IKEA, also in the news this morning, U. S Attorney General Bill Bar threatening to sue San Fran. Cisco Over Cove in 19 restrictions preventing churches from opening Archbishop Salvatore Quarterly own says restrictions have been harder in places of worship than other public places. People don't have a first Amendment right to get a haircut or to have a manicure, but we do have a first Amendment right to worship who were being treated more severely than some of these others, So I'm I'm very grateful to the attorney general. The attorney general wrote to San Francisco Mayor London Breed saying limiting places of worship to one person at a time infringes on religious freedom and violates First Amendment rights. City leaders say this week, places of worship will be allowed to open up to 25% capacity. A new report claims President Trump has paid virtually no taxes for the past two decades. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports. We asked the president.

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