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The life of the low I am glad this aroma in Kunar Uganda. A escape part two of our series Uganda was reported by Gladys aroma. To hear more about Gladys in her work and to access links to our background research on Ghanda the audio Archive and the music You heard Visit our website. Life of the law dot org are three-part series is produced in partnership with any bunting from New York University in Toronto Teddy at team researcher in Kampala Uganda and life of the laws senior Producer, Tony Gannon additional support by Daphne Keevil Herald are post-production, editors are Kirsten, judged with title, and Rachel came each time, we publish a new episode. We send everyone who subscribe to our newsletter A behind the scenes. Look at life of the law that includes notes from our reporters and news about upcoming investigated reports were a non-profit project of the tide Center, Amber. Part of the panoply network of podcast from a plate can also find life of the law on PRIX, public radio exchange. Our series you've gone. That is funded by the social science and humanities Research Council, The National Science Foundation, the law and society Association, and by you, our listeners Join us in two weeks when we present cart three Justice. That's next on life of the law. I Mansi Mullane. Thanks for listening. What. Bam, on their way into work. A panel weighing down. But when he came eating Giga command, Ben de minority Alameda, many, many any that can then be bent Bolodo epilepsy. At all. Lang

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