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Turn to when severe weather strikes news radio one thousand K. T. O. K. turning down the noise you can fax your listening to America's first news this morning with Gordon DO thanks for being with us do you like spicy foods will consider this scientists in Italy say chili peppers cut the mortality rate from heart attack and cerebral vascular disease that's a disease that restricts blood flow to the brain and include strokes in aneurysms the study found that people who consume the spice at least four times a week reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by forty four percent and from cerebral vascular disease by sixty one percent Yahoo lifestyle says the observational study did not identify exactly why chili peppers were so beneficial chili peppers get their heat from the compound capsaicin which has been shown at least in hamsters to reduce cholesterol and to block the expression of a gene that makes blood vessels tighten some research by the way has flagged capsaicin for its ties to cancer separately by heart expert tells Yahoo lifestyle the people who we peppers likely eat more fresh food in general anyway so the chili pepper findings could benefit from that trend eight minutes now and from the hour on this morning Jennifer to shrink a is back with three big things you need to know number one your president trump faces becoming only the third U. S. leader ever to be impeached when a house vote today likely triggers his trial in the Senate.

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