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Governor Ralph northern after a racist photo from his past emerges northern says. He will not resign the guidance this shock rocks. Philadelphia politics. What's next? I'm wary. Cory Booker comes home to begin his run for the White House. People in America are losing faith that this nation will work for them. I'm David MetroNews sports. The flyers take on the Oilers at home this afternoon. It's eighteen degrees and sunny at the broadcast center going up to thirty seven good morning on Paul Kurtz. Our top story at eight thirty one governors past is coming back to haunt him. And there are some calling for him to resign Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam apologized for a photograph in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook showing him at another person in racist. Garbutt a party, but he says he'll serve out his term even as pressure piled on from fellow Democrats and others for him to step down. He initially released a written statement, then said this on Twitter hours later, I released a statement apologizing for behavior in my past that falls far short of the standard. You set for me when you elected me to be your governor CBS's Natalie brand to NWEA C P is calling for the resignation of Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam the Virginia legislative black caucus called the photo. Disgusting reprehensible and offensive but stopped short of saying Northam should step down. And CBS news has also found a page from north zero book at the Virginia Military institute that had nicknames underneath his name, including one that is a racial slur. CBS news update, I'm Matt piper..

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