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J. Newsradio, U. I. E. T., Nova discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


Week music eighty two dollars is back to every hour before traffic at eighteen past we bring in the detour dollars key word and it is the detour dollars giveaway key word at ten eighteen here are doubling doubly J. newsradio nine fifty this hours key word is quiet text quiets Q. U. I. E. T. two seven two eight eight one for your chance to win one thousand dollars again that's quiet texted two seven two eight eight one message and data rates apply remember don't text and drive doubling doubly J. news time ten eighteen the traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the H. and Tracy macaskill is reporting live from the southeast Michigan Auto Show at the suburban collection show place in Nova and good morning checking the triple a jam camp here we do look at it pretty good traffic flows not too bad yourself on I seventy five between I six ninety six and I ninety four problem free looks good response six ninety six from I seventy five to the I ninety four connector we do have road work in time now for that electrical workers local fifty eight construction alert or we are keeping an eye here on this works out a long six ninety six responded because as we have that has a bad situation the clean up continues so your exit the cousins of clothes as well as the right lane a close as well we have your along southbound two seventy five the ramp to eastbound are east bound I ninety six you'll have the right shoulder closure there that's got to be up and still at noon live here the southeast Michigan Auto Show at the suburban collection show place said no by twenty four hour traffic center to see because go W. W. JB's many outside fifty are Tracy now the accu weather forecast from the family heating cooling and electrical weather center lots of clouds but really not much in terms of any precipitation the rest of the day as we get up in the mid forties at best we will get some rain showers that end is snow showers later tonight tomorrow morning it's going to.

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J. Newsradio, U. I. E. T., Nova discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News

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