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Cates when it comes to mortgages the internet can help you understand a lot of things like the importance of a good credit score or the difference between an adjustable rate and a fixed rate mortgage but when it comes to knowing what's best for you you need more than an online search i'm jay farner ceo of quicken loans pure information is everywhere but don't you want knowledge you can trust a home loan expert working with you personally from start to finish a salad approval based on real information rocket mortgage gives you options technology when you want it and people when you need them we help you understand the details so you can make a confident decision and get approved in his few as eight minutes in fact for eight consecutive years we've been ranked highest in the nation in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination by jd power and were america's largest mortgage lender so when you're looking for answers go online but start and finish with rocket mortgage dot com based on rocket mortgage dated in comparison to public data records for jd power award information visit jd power dot com equal housing licensed in all fifty states and mls number thirty thirty rocket mortgage results may vary with your mayo clinic radio health minute i'm the williams the knows as the saying goes knows researchers are hoping to make use of the sense of smell or more accurately the loss of the sense of smell as a diagnostic tool we are looking at ways to make a diagnosis of parkinson's disease sooner than when patients develop motor symptoms currently there is no accurate diagnostic test for parkinson's.

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