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Vicki Barker bump stocks helped turn the Las Vegas shooter semi automatic rifles into machine gun allowing him to mow down fifty eight concert goers in twenty seventeen. After today. Possessing one becomes a felony owners of the devices have to either destroy their bump stocks or turn them in. But several gun rights groups have mounted court challenges and some gun law. Experts. Suspect owners will only face prosecution after they've been caught using one in a crime. Thicky Barker CBS news, a woman found dead in larimer earlier this month has been identified as a missing mother of six here's Katie K ATV's, Amy water, the body has been identified as thirty-five year old. Jessica young of Easter liberty. She was found dead in a wooded area along Washington boulevard under the larimer avenue bridge almost two weeks ago. Young was last seen leaving a home in Lincoln lemming ten in September. Pittsburgh police told Katie KFI in January that information they receive. From family and friends indicated that young had never gone missing before for an extended period of time because manner of death have not been released. The state Senate has unanimously approved legislation to provide immunity to anyone tried to save children left in hot cars. Senator Tom Killian sponsored the Bill we chose the number forty nine because last year. That's how many children died of heating shorts in here in the United States. Unfortunate number has since risen to fifty one. Twelve children have died in hot cars in Pennsylvania since nineteen ninety-five. The Bill goes next to the house on Wall Street Hepburn, Tillerson says the Dow is up two hundred sixty points at twenty five thousand seven seventy seven the NASDAQ up eighty seven points at seventy seven twenty five in sports the pirates and Astros wrap.

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