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And then the last thing you do. Is when you make your decision. You asked the people at Cyrano about attire. What they think of it. They will tell you I don't care if they keep them in stock, and they're in good standings. If they've had problems with the tire, they will tell you I wouldn't buy that right now. If I was, you know, that's that's somebody. That's got your back. Yeah, pretty rare in this business. They've got a great They got coupons available. You know, like right now, Firestone a certain select tyres up to 100 much back. Um, you've got a set of good years. Select tyres up to 100 bucks back. Those expire September 30th, But right now, they also have $20 off a four wheel alignment. They've also got $20 off. Ah break service. You know, Make sure work while you confront these coupons out, Take him in. I mean, 20 bucks is 20 bucks. But most important, they take care of you in the tire business. They have a complete automotive section. They hire extra people and trained them when they get busy like they have since this summer, so your weight is not extended. They take care. Of their customer at Sierra Nevada tire in Pollock pines. They're open Monday through Friday in plaster Ville on Main Street there open Monday through Saturday. The best way to get a feel The duel of shopping in an easy fashion is to go to their website at Sierra Nevada tir dot com. Your.

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