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A high of seventy nine degrees seventy two along the lakefront tonight down to fifty nine saturday sunny pretty warm high of eighty two degrees right now seventy four no hair seventy five midway if you're in lake geneva bring a jacket sixty eight degrees outside chicago's lakefront seventy degrees right now i'm ryan burrow in the wgn newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn thinking big thoughts so you don't have to tell you here's john williams last half hour no pun intended took my breath away literally and physically that's hard to imagine what those kids are going through witness we are here until three o'clock on weekdays one to three brian newnan spilling in parole and anna he's so good he can fill in for them both he'll be joining you is three o'clock i'll be back in the skyline studios the sky view studios that are folks at allstate sponsor tomorrow morning from ten am until twelve noon that'll be interesting because that'll be about the time that father flavors bus loads of people seven books an eighth this filling up now will be trying to block the dan ryan to protest the violence on the south side so we asked a friend of ours who has a lot of activism and a lot of petitioners on the south side corrie brooks is back in our studio reverend it's good to see you how are you i'm great john thank you for having me on the show but sameer church again new beginnings church of chicago and we have a great non for profit called project could you and i first met when you were trying to get a building replaced to refinished refurbished right it was falling down yeah we were trying to tear it down we wanted to purchase it was a lot of drunk haven place for prostitution in a motel and so yeah that's how we met we purchase that motel and you're living on the roof of ninety four days on top of the roof that's right and you gave a great coverage and as a result a lot of people from all over the place with wgn's help us in in funds to help us the purchase that building and we purchased it and tore down and now we are in pursuit of building a wonderful community center that's gonna cost around twenty three million dollars we're doing a great job raising money to build and it's going to be a fantastic place how much money do you need corey we meet about twenty two million more we've got commitments we've got commitments of up almost four million dollars and hopefully we'll get these new market tax credits that's gonna put us in another seven or eight million and then we're like about ten million away so that'd be great so he's done so you're there just just a matter of a few more commitments a few more people helping us out in a few more people understanding why we're trying to build that community center on the south side of chicago where there's a lot of gun violence and what we're gonna do and people will just believing in our visit and seeing what we're trying to accomplish and getting it done and we're going to do two more things i want to catch up on before we go to today's news tomorrow's protests that is then you also organized a march from the south side that members of the inglewood community the prisoners wgn listeners i was there you were there the olin's were there some of my friends your world four kids they're all four kids were there as well and what are we marching for that day we're marching for peace in trying to get everyone involved in all hands on deck trying to bring attention and awareness to the gun violence and making sure that everyone could play a part so then what do you think of father flavors effort to once again china alight on this problem well first of all i'm for everyone's first amendment right i think everyone has the right to protest or to bring attention to to awareness of certain causes that help people but you know he and i are different on our in our approach on our motives are different so you know he's going to cut off the dan ryan that's not something that i would do something i want to participate in and it's just a matter of philosophical differences now when we first started project it was in the.

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