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Gene. Actually, we have Americans. For the medical care because we cannot access it in the US about one point two million Americans have type one diabetes. Former Tallahassee mayor Andrew gillum. We'll learn Friday whether or not he's in legal trouble to Florida commission on ethics is finishing up an investigation into Gillam travels with lobbyists Fred's to Costa Rica, New York City, where he took in a performance of Hamilton with undercover FBI agents, the ethics commission will decide whether there's probable cause Gillam violated state ethics laws when you win window the trips in two thousand sixteen if dole probable causes found the complete will be dropped allegations of ethical improprieties from the trips plagued killed during Florida's governor race at may have played a role in the Republican road Santa's defeating it this is Ricky bowl news talk. Eight fifty W F T L I shocking development down under as Palm Beach gardens. New moms. Serena Williams, suffers a remarkable Australian Open collapse in the quarterfinals against Carolina push Kabbah in one of the most stunning comebacks at the Austrian opened the seven seeded push Gavaa. Save four. Match points as she rallied to win. The last six games to clinch a semifinal spot against US open champion Naomi Osaka. And a medical marijuana company is claiming CBS rejected. It's ad for the Super Bowl. President of acreage holdings said that they're willing to spend up to five million dollars for thirty second ad during the broadcast of the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. It's legal to smoke recreational pot in California and Massachusetts, but the NFL does not allow its players to smoke pot. They prefer to treat pain with opioids. You're next update at one thirty. I'm Karen Curtis. Stay connected with news anytime at eight fifty WTO dot com..

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