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Its high stakes eight man tournament. The T and T championship, which has been taking place each week on a T W Dynamite. Wednesday nights on T N T. Cody Rhodes defeated Lance Archer last Saturday night in the 80 w Paper View event. Double or nothing to take home the T and T championship belt and new heavyweight champion of the world joins me on the line. Cody Rose, champ. Congratulations. I'm guessing you're still a little bit sore, aren't you? Oh, my, I'm sore, but I'm feeling dang good over the fact that we were way we're able to pull this off. I mean the story of this tournament. Have been the fact that it's taken place during the pandemic with no fan. In the arena and be out there and be standing across the ring from a 7 ft fall. And Vader like land. Is intimidating, especially when you don't have the support of your biggest asset. That fan base sort of come in, dialed in to get it done on the be part of that moment, with Mike Tyson handing me the title just surreal. You took my next question cause I was wondering about how that impacts you as a world class athlete when you don't have the fan energy to draw upon. Is that something that you're consciously aware of during the bout? I think you've got a fine. You know, my kids. Maybe it was my wife for my mom. I think you find people that you've got to think about and you, you know the and you've got to stay on your game, of course, especially when you're on the defensive. But you've gotta find folks to think about it. And that kid, they motivate you. You know the best they can like a fan because it is such an impact. But but not forgetting that on the other side of the box. In that camera is bothered son sitting on the couch is a family watching the events and they need the same event, if not better than when there was fans in the arena. He just got a dialing on the whole new level and across the board our roster and set the standard for how to do the empty arena show And perhaps we're gonna happen. He's doing them as we move forward force you of the fans back, but we'll do that. We're gonna stay Now That's been a great challenge that a lot of people have accepted. You talk about the families and you talk about the father and son sitting on the couch. Obviously you have championship wrestling in your blood. Your father, the late legendary Dusty rose the American dream. I mentioned that because you're also connected on the executive and of all elite wrestling. What are some of the pearls of wisdom that maybe your father had passed down to you two best handle your business in and out of the rain. I think one thing he said. To me often was, if you don't have a little heat in the locker room. You're not doing something right on. And it definitely doesn't thank you the most popular guy when you are the executive vice president, and you've also won the inaugural championship belt, but This is the best thing that I learned from him and my brother and the best thing you can have in wrestling in general self awareness. I'm aware of where I'm at In my career. I'm entering the prime of my career. I'm aware of where I'm at with the fan that never felt so connected and to say that when they're not in the seat is even better. That's where they got to be on it. Self aware, and nothing could have prepared me more for being executive in this company than being his son because he went through this with same network with it, so Romantic and wild. When I think about it, I had the best education. You triumphed over last archer going back inside the ring. You mentioned 7 ft. He's strong. He's mobile. What is it? People may not understand about the speed and physicality of pro wrestling that you just can't get from watching it. I think it's further athletes are concerned. You know, this era of drug free athletes and wrestling has really drawn out the most. Freakish at of the athletes, the 12 combined big stopping power and and light heavyweight Still Lance with a football standout, and Hearne, Texas. And that you can clearly tell. He's on a big time level of athleticism. Whether you see him on the basketball court are came out there with a bat at the plate glances from both East sports star. On each shows that own in the professional wrestling and that that's something I think people put in today. And they perhaps that and watch wrestling the athleticism right out of the gate. That's something that Turner that right out of the gate. They just couldn't believe it. Some of the things that some of our guys were able to do all shapes and sizes in a drug free era. Amazing. Let me leave you with this. Cody Rhodes knew a W T and T champion. Of course, a W dynamite Wednesday nights at 8 P.m. on TNT. What should we expect going forward? What do we have to look forward to? One thing I'm looking forward to, and hopefully the viewers looking forward to you is the fact that at PNC champion I'm thinking I want to be out there every dynamite defending this title and I don't know it. Anyone ever held up its schedule like that, But I'm currently that's what ingest Station in my mind is to go on a run with the candy championship every week. On TNT, the TNT title itself that along with guys like John Moxley, guys like manic Jack for redefining the tag team seen the roster continues to grow our women's division. We just crowned a new women's champion and, crucially to Get an another. We're talking about the paper. The athletes of the, uh, just a really diverse palate above their styles of wrestling. Uh, that's what I want People to see everyone's down in C..

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