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We got a couple of minutes left before the police come and take you away what what do you expect we we've got what what what is four hundred and ninety eight days set right four hundred ninety eight days it feels like a real of sentence until the election are you what is going to get worse Kris Kohls are you talking about the letter yes I don't know how I mean no I don't think it's gonna get worse thank you bye there will be more incidents I mean is that that we're gonna be more crazy this certainly certainly as we approach I think people are going to want to get you noticed in the morning could and I don't think there's any more crazy laughter but they're going to need to be doing more things was raining the men who do you see when you have Maxine waters saying harass members of the administration when you got political figures saying that you know you've got to disband ice these people a big gets whose reining in the left today who do you see who's just this issue that I I I talk with the goal of mine how what they claim that races through the white from the top they cry but not on the right I don't accept best okay fine everybody on the right distance themselves from those groups we say we separate ourselves we think that they don't speak for us okay the left doesn't do that with their crazy they don't say all right you know and he doesn't speak for us we're we're work work from eight people don't think that they're all in great than that this patch work quilt unless did that you know they're not part of the family yeah you can't separate the moderate leftists come into either because they don't do they don't do that they don't make that provides political top cover that's the bottom line it when when that court with extremist and radicals that saying Antipolis semitic things like you'll have over what happens Nancy Pelosi doesn't even do anything she says she does that she waters it down they provide political top cover for the extremists we've been talking to Chris called and CNN defense yeah we have some unbelievable ordeal gonna play you in a moment my friends we've been talking to Mr rega and follow him on you to check out his videos they are addictive and follow him on Twitter at Mister Reagan USA Chris have a blessed fourth of July don't work too hard on those videos make some time for a hot dog in a hamburger because Hey.

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