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Googlers laws curious letter are you guys want to check it out it'll be unmik surgery dot com slash win wi an and jordan it's not up right now while were recording it will be up when this episode goes up want to get the contest started right when this when this episode is published r i c the first business sucked for you didn't work out you then head as as they soft five i i you then get into something new this generation marketing what do you think of that yeah so of buddy mind there was at a couple of my business crosses he knew that i was doing things without painting company successful with that in and i was doing this travel thing and so he's one want to stay connected and he himself was are doing a mobile app venture so he had worked on the samper couple years had a couple of developers and he pulled me aside and said hey you know i think that if we put our heads together real we'll be able to create some successful business or whatever you know we're just out of college social sure i'm kind of ramping down this travel saying oh see we got so he came over to my house and i had this plumber working on my sink and we are trying to brainstorm like what what could be an idea that we could easily fulfil i go out today in start executing on and we just had his idea will our generation now we're greatest social media where you know a small business like this plumber baby not so much so we started ask ask asking questions kind of survey give he you know from high sink death and he's like you know i i want to invest in social media i want to invest in a better response of website i don't even know who i talk to you i don't know is it you know is that someone like your age that would help means the cowie note told help you with that and so of this berthed this generation marketing and then we started going a door to door knocking on small mom and pop shop sikanda taking my experience of doing it with the paint company that's something i was just very confident in.

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