Charlottesville, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller discussed on The Editors - Episode 51: Charlottesville


Define the the outright there's been more attention to steve bannon and some on the left and even even some republicans have argued well in live charlottesville have to fire steve bannon a stephen miller and mike anton because all these guys are all right and or white supremacists i think that there is a case for firing steve bannon independently for more happen in charlottesville and i think the temptation to conflate the two things can give us less of an understanding as to what's happening in america rather than more steve bannon committed in my view a grave error of judgement when he said that he wanted to create a forum for the old right that's what breitbart did and it wasn't pleasant uh there are many people who contributed who are just more nationalist than i am there are many people who contributed who are terrible terrible human beings who believe horrendous things who don't believe in the declaration of independence and who are at heart trolls and i don't think that merely seeing a business opportunity which i presume is balance excuse is good enough he is in some way responsible for bringing people who should be living under rocks in to the forefront does that make him a nazi the which is the argument i've had night i don't think that he does uh i don't think that stephen miller is a white supremacist them now i did think michael anton is a white supremacist.

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