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The battle of expectation but local elections are only signposts towards the general election they are a guide rather than a definitive statement of the final destination in the parliamentary by election in west to roan shine fain held the seat with a slightly reduced majority the vote was triggered by the resignation of barry michael duff in january all begley secured a majority of the dup of just less than eight thousand taking forty seven percent of the vote the commons speaker john berko is standing firm after fresh accusations of bullying were made against him david leakey who retired as black rod last year has told the bbc's newsnight programme the mr boko created a climate of intimidation he said people had been fearful of taking any issues to the speaker because of his conduct mr beck joined the discussion and took exception complete exception to what was being proposed and discussed and the red mist descended and he banged the table and yelled and was highly insulting to me personally including calling me an anti semite for which he apologized afterwards the spokesman john belk office rejected the allegations and has previously denied claims he bullet his private secretary hundreds of afghan interpreters who served with uk troops fighting the taliban will not have to pay for the right to stay in britain the home secretary such javid said all fees will be waived for the group who he said had regularly put their lives at risk and challenging situations his andy moore interpreting shared the same dangers as british troops on the front line in afghanistan and the additional risk of retribution from the taliban many of them were allowed into the uk under a relocation scheme the face the prospect of paying nearly two thousand four hundred pounds for themselves and each family member if they wanted to seek indefinite leave to remain more than one hundred fifteen temperatures wrote a letter to the government saying their lives were in limbo the defense secretary gavin williamson had been lobbying on their behalf saying britain had a duty to them late last night the new home secretary sajid javid accepted that argument he said it had always been clear the interpreters would be able to stay in the uk with their families and now they will be able to do that for free teachers in england that we offered paid sabbaticals about two a year as part of efforts to.

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