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A disability I told Joe Terry Moran I said I do hope you give me credit when you make a correction on the internet bags now I ask everybody around him I'm in my missing something here on this thing okay question twelve in the nineteen fifty census form ask were you born in a foreign country of so list the country that's question twelve question thirteen says are you naturalized yes or no naturalize being a naturalized citizen that's okay citizenship question on the senses of the night okay well I run that by everybody that I know when they go off we of course it is so I haven't heard back from tearing is been radio silent seventies going but I mean instead of trusting Georgetown University for crying out loud I actually went and found the census form so we'll see how this plays out but I mean the there was an I wouldn't think that bill Barr the Attorney General be telling folks that we dance this on the senses when we have so I see this is again like a see goes down to the border and so my tells her there drinking out of making him drink a tall and she assumes it's true I tend to believe people that I have no reason not to believe and if if the if the border patrol people are saying no we're not making folks drink on the toilet and if it sounds too fantastic you need to do your research so if a see it on a research you find of that was bovines get taller it was actually a sink that's above a toilet and so they're saying them his drink out of the total Jeffrey during the sink or the water fountain that's above the toilet same thing here I have no reason to believe the bill Barr would stand in front of the entire world and tell me that they have asked the since the US citizenship question on the senses when they happened so I'm not gonna take Terry Moran's word for for may be seen or my gonna take Georgetown University I'm gonna go looking around to see if I can find something that is actually proof one way or another I can't say I just I mean I was rather nervous I found the form and I downloaded it and I said oh okay am I gonna have to eat crow here you know and so I started going on in Iraq and him asking him what what what what whoa whoa whoa question twelve question third thing bingo we have a winner Rene you're up next Renee what's up yeah hi I don't know if a lot of people know this but when you file your taxes there is a citizenship question on your taxes I was a tax preparer for a couple years and are you have to ask questions even for the child tax credit and tax credit is that your child he if you give birth to this child if your child that your blood can anybody else claim this child you provide more than half of the care for this child throughout the job for more than six months and are you in is that child a citizen of the United States I've had many people come up you were only goal if you have a green card didn't have any ID want to file their taxes to get the crowd got credit for that yet and can do it yeah well there you have it so I mean the way if we're asking it only on an IRS form ranking of everybody out there exactly so I don't understand why they're all not for you now why are you asking if this increase your question to get your child tax credit yeah I think you're speaking what they wanna you know freak out about and this is what they want to freak out about I thank you I have no idea what's on the tax forms or anybody else knows what's on the tax form because they have somebody else do their taxes they don't know what the qualifying questions are for for children or anything like that plus another question I'm I know you have a lot of reports here I was wondering what is on the sensors for other country what's on the center for Mexico Davis isn't your question on the thank the first air or for Cuba or anything like that I would like no I bet you they have assistantship question then I would think so like the the boom is standard operating procedure for most countries at that they wanna know whose citizens is not thank you very much I love your show you have a great day I see them very much who's next Mike you would be up next Mike what's up Hey fail how you doing I'm doing good and I had is it I know the citizenship question should be on the census absolutely but I can't figure out how that would tell us how many illegal immigrants around the country because of most of them don't answer it how do you know well that's the other thing I mean you can't they broke into the country in line about that they let him stealing social security numbers I can't imagine they might be forthcoming if if you ask the question but let me tell you something here's what I think is going on now this is something that the president will never saying out loud but the left is afraid of the censorship question is going to scare some folks in the leaving the country and I think that's exactly what what is from one seven and there's nothing wrong with that either he just can't say that out loud you can go to the Supreme Court say well my reason for asking this is the frightened the illegal aliens in the getting out of the country but if that's the end result so be it I think it's a wonderful result well I do too I just thank you most of them will answer it hello we still want no other eleven million or forty and now what I would think is probably closer to thirty Yahoo number you will and when you know we may never know yes Sir nine preaching the phone call my friend I you know we may never know I just is the prince will think what in the world could be wrong with asking if you're a citizen I mean they ask it in nineteen fifty what state or country were you born in if you were born a foreign country list the foreign country you were born in the next question is are you naturalized in other words have you become a citizen and it didn't seem to bother anybody back in nineteen fifty course we didn't have any see back then either Bob you're up next Bob what's up what led to go be with the financial for awhile thank you Sir listen listen on the definition of national I said if I can talk I could speak to this because I was affected by this my my father was a an American soldier in Germany I was born around nineteen fifty one my mother was a German right when I was born I was not allowed to be an American citizen at that time under current law if you look up the definition of naturalized citizen it's as someone who really in who are person is born in another country and becomes a citizen under the American law at that time will want it changed since then if I under that same situation I would become a since then but I didn't I didn't become a system so I was in college I had to go through the normal process application review all that stuff just like anybody else in another country and and I I'm not considered natural so I think in nineteen fifty two or whatever that was the question was clear fine who was born in another country but became a citizen under the laws at that time so you know I do too careful with that definition it's it's a little tighter than the navy what you're selling well I mean as you that you're either a a natural born citizen or you're a naturalized citizen a naturalizer somebody who moved here in the becomes a citizen obviously when they're asking if you're born in a foreign country and then they ask if you're naturalize that's what they're asking well but I think they're I think they're getting that someone like myself as a baby I'm I'm born American parents even back then I would have automatically been American citizen night and that's that's what I think the definitions for naturalized but it's not boring suit more into only one American parent elements form at that time I wasn't committed to be an American citizen in the current laws it's different now and I had to go when I got to the states my my parents took me through the normal processes I had to go through the normal things like anybody else to become a citizen I double checked that I that's that's what I recall many years ago yeah well I'll check on and I appreciate the Terry Moran has responded so here's with Terry says ad Ballantine show a different enquiry than a direct question is this person a citizen of the United States it's really not they're asking if you were born in a foreign country if you were born for a country if you become a citizen that's all we really wanna know we I mean we don't have to ask you were you born in Montana are you a citizen we know you are if you're born in Montana your citizen that's why they ask in the previous question what state or foreign country if you're born in a foreign country wanna know which one and if you were born in a foreign country have you been naturalized that's a citizenship question he said well that's as vision here at your leisure I mean what you don't ask the question of somebody they put in that blank before they were born in North Carolina then you don't have to answer the question fourteen it's as if born in a foreign country answer question fourteen question fourteen is are you naturalized hello and of course the question to the answer could be no I'm not a naturalized citizen I'm here I have a permanent visa or work visa or student visas or whatever now they're not going to count you it's just that they're asking if you're a naturalized citizen if you're born in another country I mean this is simple as that one of these is that a different enquiring than a direct question is the person S. as in the United States that said the court found the administration has the authority to add a scissors citizenship question to the senses but also the the proffered rationale was just a pretext for the real reason and I said the and on and on that we agree but years got Scott quick time out with we'll get to more of your phone calls and a six six one five seven three seven nine nine eight six they right where your genesis diamonds WGN traffic.

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