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Midtown temperature is 47, Georgia Democrats made plenty of gains Election night, but not as many as they had predicted. In the State House Democrats vowed to take 16 seats and flip the State House, but in the end only gained a couple on lost. Minority leader Bob Tramell was already in a Republican leaning down. Frank fact that the incumbent was the house already later just made it a little sweeter. Speaker David Ralston credits the work. The Republican led House did last session, including a hate crimes bill, a maternal mortality legislation for things that are Canada's kept telling me all summer and Paul were really popular and were resonating in their district. Sandra Parish 95.5 double USB three Metro Atlanta counties elect their first ever black sheriff's double DSP political analyst Bill Crane and credits shifting voting patterns in Gwinnett and Cobb County. He is on native voters, minorities and folks looking for a little bit more Responsive County government and feeling like they're not getting it all with one party. In addition to Gwinnett and Cobb, Henry County also votes in its first black sheriff, Reginald Scandrick, received more than 60% of the vote. While balance continue to be counted, Protesters hit the streets in several U. S. Cities. In New York City. Arrests were reported when protesters set fires. A group of pro Trump demonstrators disrupted a vote counting session in Detroit, but others were there to insist every vote gets counted. Reporter Jackie Quinn says the National Guard had to be called in in Portland, Oregon, after peaceful protests turned violent leading in the polls. Joe Biden fires up a website outlining his plans to transition into the White House has just launched the website called Build Back better dot.

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