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Say there's a lot of people pick this game. Now can't say it wasn't a full strength, which we know. So this game was picked by everybody. Another one of the games that was everyone was on. I gotta be honest. I've been was on Murray state. Everyone was on Belmont. And that one turned out not to work out. And everyone was on. So two three of the upsets worked out Wolford wasn't an upset. They will favorite against hall. So that was not that was not an upset. The this one. I mean, listen a three point favorite. They're not a big favourite and. In the Belmont, gay Maryland was only two point favorite and Belmont lost the game on the last play of the game. Obviously they had the ball and could make the play with the on the last play the game lost by point and Murray state one easy, and they were a three a two point dog. So these games were all very close to be an even games. Anyway. But Murray state lived up to what it was supposed to do. And obviously. Calor buying against the Kansas City team, which was beat up. So Cal Callahan's got a long winning streak. They will good solid team all year. So that was a good win for them. Big win for them. As a matter of fact, so give them credit as they turn back. Kansas state now in the other games that are still going on Tennessee. Is a head. But the story of the day. I know we'll be the story of the rest of the afternoon in the history of the NCAA tournament. There has been one team that has lost a one seed it is junior and right now at the half, you have Virginia as the one seed trailing Gardner Webb thirty six thirty. They trailed the entire first half the entire first-half. Final score in the Kansas taking if you're interested seventy to sixty four Irvine seventy sixty four the other scores if you're just joining us today. Texas Tech beats northern Kentucky seventy two fifty seven. They move on the three seed Oklahoma. Just the Marlins from start to finish wholeness ninety five seventy two and Iowa came from behind to beat Cincinnati seventy nine seventy two now storyline is right now, the big one the one seed. Inaction? I remember we've yet to see Duke we've yet to see Carolina. They will be an action later this evening. But right now Virginia the other one seat out of the powerful ACC trailing Gardner Webb first time ever in the tournament. Thirty six thirty at the half, they trailed by as many as I believe twelve points might have been eleven but don't hold me to it. But it was he's eleven of twelve in the first half was the largest deficit. So they have trailed though the entire I I didn't give you the Tennessee school. Tennessee leads Colgate. Forty four thirty six forty four thirty six. Tennessee over Colgate. I saw that Colgate listed Bill Parcells as a famous alum one thing about that is built the transfer from Colgate the which state where he graduated. So I don't know if there are you an alum if you went to the school, and you didn't graduate school you considering alum. Technically, if you're not how that works. All you. They put him in as a favorably if you're famous enough. Yeah. Well, let's put him in his famous. They put a graphic up and said famous alumni now Bill puzzles went to Colgate transferred. Wichita state. So I don't know if that he finished up the Wichita state. Where he was a, you know, a linebacker and a good player. Six three six if I remember I six hundred Jeff by a sixth round draft about alliance and played in the blue gray game was was all America linebacker or very talent. All league linebacker. You might have been second team. All mark. I'm not sure what what classification. He was all all America. But he was all league linebacker any played in the blue gray game. And he was drafted as a linebacker out of Wichita state. But he started at Colgate. Spud? They call them in alum. Now, I met you graduated. Maybe that's not true. You guys can look up. Whether that's technically true or not if you can you be an alum at school if you didn't graduate from the school. I don't know what the classification is. But Tennessee leads forty four thirty six over Colgate. With seventeen minutes left in the second half and Virginia. Arizona state in buffalo just underway. So that'll be an interesting game. Arizona state gets the first bucket of the game. Still the afternoon Oregon another team. Everybody loves and I put myself in Saint classification because I think Oregon speed is too much for Wisconsin in Wisconsin. Let's make it's free throws. So as a five twelve where I could see Oregon winning. We'll see how that works out. But Arizona state in buffalo right now on the way, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Getting ready to play and that will be the afternoon then tonight, you will have Washington and Utah state. You will have North Dakota state and Duke, you'll have Georgia state and Houston, you will have liberty in Mississippi State. You'll have Memphis and Creighton, a Memphis Creighton, you will have I ONA and North Carolina. You will have UCF and VCU you will have a house state, and I o state and you'll have St Louis and Virginia Duke plays with Zion at seven ten and yes, they will have as I on camera where they will have a camera on them the whole game. Attention is unbelievable. It really is. We'll life without faith studios. Powell by town. Fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody. Oh, so if you attend your alumni, okay, you go. So now, I know so you can call someone and alumni so a student who either attended or graduated isn't alumni. Okay. Very good now. Here we go. Let's give away some tickets. Boxoffice splits chance to win one hundred the Yankee April tickets right now. Second. Call eight six six five four zero WFAN to see the bomb is take on the royals April nineteenth and stadium. Plus one grand prize winner will.

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