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Hello there welcome and onto the racing post weekend foot. Will host cast bruce billington. Chris rivers dan chance and patty pounds. Johnny smith looking ahead to fa cup third round weekend traditionally one of the great moments of the season in recent asia. Now the offense. Like disappointed with the dreamt duffy. Large hardly any league teams go through pretty unglamorous but of course i think this is draw is really really fascinating. There's loads of great. David versus goliath ties looking forward to on the show. Today the boys will be in your card with the best outright bets if fake up will look through. All the live televised matches for the best value will pinpoint where pretentiousness and good betting opportunities away from the cameras. And we've also got ton of primarily guns next week so boys will have best bets for that right and let's get started with some outright tips on twenty twenty one. Fa cup before the boys tell us who's gonna win. Johnny smith howdy petty power bet Party power we go. Muncie free to one thirteen to two chelsea. Seventy one spurs eight to one. Live a full night's monday night. Eleven to one apps no sixteen to won't have an than twenty two one wool wool southampton western five and very interesting. Chris rivers over to for first dibs on who wins their fake up this season. Yeah looking through this. Bruce and trying to pick out you know maybe a surprise winner but looking back at history it's not been a particularly fruitful route to go down as it lasts mel this millennium. So far of any portsmouth. And wigan from outside the big six win it and with that in mind looking towards arsenal eleven to one absolutely love this competition. I think mcculloch deter you know. His team on their day can be any of the top sides and that will be sold. My pick as a couple of outside as each way bets lester. Random rogers is keen to bring a trophy laden dynasty. Said we're not sure whether it's manager and burnley hundreds of one as an each way shower. Think we'll give you a bit of fun in terms of a series but i think arsenal eleven to one qubit prices the holders. That's an incredible style. Isn't he's eighteen of the last twenty f- cups has gone to one of the big six clubs. Dan shells you're going to be focusing on the big guns or looking elsewhere for value. Now i'm going to look elsewhere and not just think season is unlike any other obese reasons with the the pandemic and we've seen an primarily. The rice is far. More open has been for the last few seasons. Probably gonna scream at me now inside with his big six saw in the in the league cup. Final has an effect that far what was suggests there is a league. Cup has been unusually sharing the teams that are involved in europe. The league cup toys first few rounds took place before group st matthew star at an end the court find on the semi final after the european guy now with the f. I always going to be taking place around. That's like you know. European gums be taking place around the fa cup. Fifth round the court finals on the semifinal shopping it could affect always big sides an outsider outing evanston i is. It would be one of the obese. Pick you having a great season. He four points of the primarily despite having caught a few k. injury he's a senior has been housing. How me squad if you guys could be coming back in soon. Let's a boost scholz. No reasonable saucer. Epicenter hunt rooms. Selling are auto show garland with bigger prices west time. I think it's all joined the army. Seven points saw he lost to. I'm too big six. Anyone outside the big six. Since i lost the new cars not seasons. I've been very competitive against it. Takes out the big six given the big six around for their money. Instantly guns as well as online them for really ross. Blackburn will join the championship two hundred to one nile by help score and saving the championship. The middle disciple means. I might not get so option in the promotion rice as much as the lots of norwich bulworth brentford bothering thing. I probably thought. I'm coming back from injury and item our show. Does he scoring on that. Die for anybody subplot. Phone as well one as exotic johnny smith. Where do you think. The value lies in the valley south. I'm simbarashe They've got fairly easy to shrewsbury up being impacted me coverage probably should get the been very good in the premier league. I've been impressed with them. and if they can keep ings fit the no european instructions either lot like the top. Six months in the mark in senators say chelsea spurs liverpool united on dust and i think southampton look at twenty five H wet and nothing. I do actually think villas while it for raise the tough game obviously against liverpool but yeah i think they probably will overcome that and i don't think clock in the last few years at Told him very seriously. It's all something that to this interesting. I'm going to go with a chris on less. I don't see why they're twenty two one thing that that really competitive team scored ally them a lot. I think with the big six three two one nine. Thank you this to show live reports dunk. Think going to take it seriously Also i don't think we're big six club anymore. I felt like tottenham of got marine. I that that's going to be fun. And cheap squad. I'd i i caught. I taught him but anyway it's always worth happened on a nice little to quit each way or whatever an hope that the gives you good drum money. Good luck with whoever you back to win their fake up. Next up we will look at the pick of the third round ties on friday night. Aston villa versus liverpool kicks off at seven forty five beatty should be to cracker. Johnny smith gives patty powers light his.

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