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Trailing by 15 at the half pretty good comeback in that second half for Kansas nationals final game in Florida today Taking on the mets just getting underway toward Wallace WTO sports The top stories we're following this hour on WTO Ukrainian president zelensky urging the UN Security Council to seek full accountability for the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine which he described as the most terrible war crimes since World War II in a video address He accused Russia of mass atrocities across his country including the killing of unarmed civilians and crushing people with tanks Zelensky telling the council they are destroying everything Former president Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump is set to testify today via video before the January 6th select committee She was with her father much of that day on January 6th and the panel is focusing on Trump's actions in The White House as his supporters were breaking into the capitol Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in the minutes ahead It was the very first musical that Rogers and Hammerstein ever wrote Oklahoma comes to the Kennedy Center Tonight through Sunday Morning the story is set in 1907 when Oklahoma is on the verge of becoming a state You have a small community getting ready for a box social Sasha Hutchins plays Laurie Williams who is courted by two rival suitors cowboy curly maclean and farmhand Judd fry Traditionally Judd is sort of the villain the anti hero and curly is the one that she's destined for But in this production we sort of challenge that You'll sing along to iconic songs like oh what a beautiful morning Right off the top of the show curly he starts out with his guitar and his voice Find out more on W two B dot com Jason fraley WTF news Coming up in money news Losses for the Darwin NASDAQ and get ready to sing the night away at D.C.'s war I'm Steve dresner 1218 Free to Kessler in the WTO traffic center All right now in Virginia a new problem on northbound 95 while you have the delay in woodbridge's after you cross the aqua Quan you're going to hit the brakes trying to head into lorton before the lorton exit before mile marker one 63 The crash involving a tractor trailer in the center of the roadway you are getting by it to either side after that some volume through newington then it looks good onto three 95 trying to head to the 14th street bridge east bottom westbound 66 no reported problems it is the northbound George Washington Parkway delays have eased from one 23 toward the park police headquarters There had been a single lane getting by that work zone In Maryland the delays on eastbound 50 have ease through Chevrolet so that debris cleanup may be completed Northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway just the volume out of greenbelt passing powder mill road keep an eye out for the earlier work crew that had been inside the beltway Northbound route one before whisky bottom road in Laurel was a report of a wreck East Randolph road north of tamarack road that crash should be cleared also westbound Maryland 200 the inner county connector after I 95 the two left lanes are blocked with the work In the district's outbound D.C. two 95 heavy from burrows past east capitol street northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue on New York avenue watch for delays in both directions headed toward first street the work along the right side It also has the northbound third street tunnel backed up toward Massachusetts avenue Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes entire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Let's check in with chuck bell for the forecast Hey perfect day to stay inside and look out at the weather cloudy and rainy and periods for much of the day There'll be a few little respites from The Rain but it's on the whole going to stay rather soggy and cool highs today will stay in the mid 50s more steady rain comes our way later into the evening and overnight hours and then for tomorrow it's not going to be a day long rain out on your Wednesday most of The Rain tomorrow will be early in the morning drier tomorrow afternoon but still cloudy high 68 and then rainy on Thursday I'm storm team four meteorologist chuck bell for WTO P Cloudy and rainy outside of our studios in Washington brought to you by new lacombe design Call now for a free or free virtual or in person same day roofing estimate more at new lacombe design dot com Straight.

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