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And and perhaps that is on us, but we all envisioned him as the new not Ricky Henderson because Rick Anderson is one of the best players of all time. But just a guy who was going to challenge stolen base records, potentially in an era when we don't see that sort of thing and that just hasn't happened because. He can't hit. And we now have a very large sample saying that he cannot hit. He's coming off yet another disappointing offensive season or would be disappointing. If we weren't just expecting it at this point. And the really sad part is that he just doesn't get on base enough to steal, and I almost wish because the red seven been playing for anything anyway that he would have stolen. No matter. How inefficient it was that. He would have just gone just to entertain the people. He was every year of his career. He had stolen more bases than the previous year. He went fifty six fifty seven fifty eight fifty nine and then he fell down to thirty four this year, which was disappointing and another sub three hundred on base percentage. And finally, they just cut him loose, and he has been a valuable player at times despite the lack of offense because he's really good fielder. And so they're still. Role for Billy Hamilton on some team, you know, he can still definitely be like your extra outfielder pinch hitter type guy. He's ideal for that role. But I wish that he had turned into something better than that. Because at this point is going into his age twenty eight season he's going to start to lose some foot speed eventually already seems like he's not quite the defendant that he was when it was earlier in his career. But clearly he's gonna get job somewhere. He's like he is the most valuable base runner in baseball, depending on how you wanna put that over a denominator. So he is still valuable Travis wrote a speculative article about him last spring trying to think of some sort of interesting other alternative non starting role that Hamilton could occupy to take maximum advantage of its legs and minimum disadvantage of his bat. And within did not respond to that proposal. Very well, everybody should go back and freed that are to time. But he'll get a job Schommer seeing Hamilton getting on tendered is. It's just such a jolt not just because of of what Hamilton was as a prospect. Also, if you need further evidence of how fast Royal growing older and getting closer to death. It feels like a year ago. Hamilton was in the minors writing. Remember, how often we wrote about like, stop, watches and fractions of a second in the man basis. Right. That's the other thing because it felt like Hamilton would just like break base running because he was so fast that it just seemed like he would be uncatchable like if he got a decent jump. He just got down to second so fast that no one would be able to catch him, and the other disappointing thing is that that didn't really turn out to be true either. Like, he's a good base. Stealer. But he's not an other worldly base dealer. He gets caught his success rate. What is it? You have it handy in the big leagues in the minors. He was like a let's see eighty two point five percent success rate, which is good. But not amazing in the minors. And the majors majors anyone points seventy seven out of three forty eighty one point five so minutes good, it's valuable, but it's just he he looked like he was just going to be possibly a an Alzheimer or, you know, just challenge what we thought of base stealing. And that just hasn't happened. Didn't you do a post? It wasn't there. It was like post where the when Hamilton got caught. Like there was there's a. Lina? Yeah. Like Molina versus Hamilton or something what was your post event? God. I I probably wrote several of I mean, I remember writing the post earlier in Hamilton's cribs, just like, let's watch Billy Hamilton make run happen. It was right..

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