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Country pressure comes world spins away now runs back to his right looking down field and throwing on the run has a man each one of them is going to want to try to leave a legacy wherever I go part of the legacy of hard work and dedication or war did not list doesn't make sense of routine blood world come on down and get your highs and so you're gonna be the Heisman Trophy winner there's no need for anybody to both this guy is going to be your winter the Heisman Trophy radio Sirius XM channel eighty percent by progressive insurance rate go along with the mayor and Sam those calls of course courtesy of the LSU sports radio network as we talk Heisman Trophy here Joe Berle leads the LSU Tigers two eight thirty seven ten easy victory over the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship game he was twenty eight of thirty eight three hundred forty nine yards four touchdowns at forty one yards rushing and caught a pass for sixteen yards Tim just for good measure this is coach ed Orgeron after the games on his thoughts on his quarterback winning the award is the best player in the country up and each one of my open and he's going to want to which are the best thing about Joe is a table of and only will do is when this game for a level two awards and not how old is less that's what makes him such a great team player now to him I am a Heisman Trophy voters and I am technically not allowed to tell you who's going to be in my ballot Joe pros a pretty damn good football player okay borough has done everything possible you could ever need to do to win the Heisman Trophy how bout I just leave it at that what do you think of chase young is he a good football player anonymous on player is not as good as your borough if I had a Heisman vote and I don't because I am not my co host Pringle if I had a Heisman vote job would win the Heisman I voted number one I think I put cheese young number two and then there would be nobody else I mean that I think is to sit well it in you yeah I know you got to fill it out and all that good right right I will if we're talking about who's walking away with the hardware chill bro won the Heisman Trophy tonight if he hadn't before now the quarterback at at LSU was absolutely dominant in winning the SEC championship in one of the things that we've talked about tonight if you're just tuning in is that unless she was has a resume and is have these these great moments this year that included thirty seven to ten dominant win over the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship game tonight and I look at your overall going to Tuscaloosa I look at Joe burrow in every opportunity where he was featured and he was in a big game Joe Berle performed he put three ninety three and three scores up at Alabama LSU won that game forty six to forty one it was probably over that day Braden and I I just don't I don't know who could have a rationale that says it's not Joe burrow four hundred and seventy one yards passing four touchdowns on the road in a win against Texas he had to ninety three against the top ten Florida team three touchdowns no interceptions three hundred twenty one yards against a top fifteen Auburn team we just talked about it whichever Lawrence he didn't have opportunities he put up huge numbers this year too but Trevor lords the quarterback at Clemson didn't have opportunities Joe burrow had opportunities every single week it felt like and every single week we looked up at me said oh my god look what that kid just did he is a fantastic story transferring down I'm from Ohio state just endearing himself to the Louisiana culture and a you know he comes out on senior night last week against Texas a and M. in the borough Jersey spelled you know be you are our E. A. U. X. you know that in the traditional Louisiana spelling there and just he's endeared himself to the to the to the culture of the people just like coach Joe is done you know I I it's interesting I like chase young and and were talking Heisman Trophy here on game night ESPN radio and ESPN out but which will be of course awarded next weekend on ESPN next Saturday December fourteenth eight PM the two thousand in nineteen Heisman Trophy ceremony I I do think it's fascinating to two three four five six in this voting is going to be fascinating because I have no problem with you putting chase young at number two I have no problem with you putting Auburn defensive tackle Derek brown at number two I have no problem with Jalin hurts whose let Oklahoma probably to a playoff bid being on your ballot especially considering his career Justin feels at Ohio state the quarterback JK Dobbins the running back at Ohio state there's so many worthy candidates of being two and three this is pretty hard to find a guy who's number one and you know what show borough is making it look so easy that it doesn't even have to watch film anymore listen to chill bro talk about that after the Ellis you win today look every single week you know you watch film all we can I started back when we played Texas and we watch film and we're going to see some but haven't done all year and it's happened time and time again every single week I'm starting to talk my coaches and I'm like why do I even watch film anymore you know we see some new doesn't matter I might as well just go out there cold Turkey I think we have great coaching staff they make the adjustments that have enabled us to be successful I gotta say ten must bear break all your ideas pit radio I that is refreshing honesty I love that from a young quarterback that's fun yeah that's Joe Braudel issue and I think he is completely tongue in cheek I think he's being sarcastic because obviously there's a lot of value in film study but I think he's right it if you're just going to invent a vanilla and you know your game plan from week three through ten is the same that it is now what you're going to lose right so I think we all know that's not the case but it again I'm just I'm looking at the moments in Jonesborough season and maybe the most important moment was not that they won the SEC championship game tonight because I I think everybody knew that was going to happen and if they were going to win the SEC championship jumper was probably gonna take him there I think after the game add osier on the head coach at LSU hands his starting quarterback who's had this prolific season had this prolific gaining hands him the game ball and with out hesitation Joe burrow handed that ball right back to ed Orgeron almost as a tip of the cap and a thank you and a hug and adapt in a brawl hog and all of that when you and I both know Braden gall that there are players all over the country who stack up their game balls there in plastic bags they toss them in boxes they forget that they're they're they're in mom's storage shed not Joe Berle he value second ball he values his coaching relationship and I think he is the essence of what you want in a leader he is you know he reminds me of a guy that I I really want to be on my football team he reminds me of a guy where I'm I'm saying yeah man that's my quarterback and if I'm on the Miami Dolphins Sir if I if I am getting old if I'm the Cincinnati Bengals I'm looking at you Joe Berle because I think the guy is just fantastic well in Ohio kid right are already shop and in fact I think there's a few place today were dropped back to pass against George any had time to pick out a house in Cincinnati while he was back there actually I think that's the that's what he was doing back there standing for eighty nine seconds picking apart the Georgia secondary he was remarkable today there's no question and to your point about like ability all we heard about him last year you know he did play pretty well after did put up the numbers Joe Brady that the coordinator from you know from the saints as part of that everybody loved him immediately in the locker room cannot overlook how important it is for a quarterback to earn the trust and respect of his teammates in the locker room fantastic stuff in job or a what a story and what a year straight ahead Ohio state or OSU who is going to be number one plus does this season proved that the college football playoff is perfect at fourteen this is game night on ESPN radio and ESPN at now I will play anybody where I will play on a gravel lot doesn't matter where the records were to total single that's.

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