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To the backyard, the actual leaves in the backyard. He's a little quicker about it. He'll go. He'll do his business. And then he'll chase some squirrels. And because we got a whole like thing in the backyard because we feed the birds, which brings the cats, which brings the Hawks that it also I think they're coyotes. I know there's not far because you can hear them and there's a fire station. Half mile away, All right, and when the ambulance leaves, and it doesn't do it for police cars When the ambulance what? That specific ambulance siren Except when they're in a cross, like a cross way. Whatever, you know, intersection you here tonight, anyway, the coyote started howling or whatever the hell the coyotes do. I don't know if they think it's ah, Coyote and heat. I don't know what how that works. It's beyond my pay grade. But what I'm trying to say is and I should have a vet on or maybe, you know, we can do something with the S P c a again and help some people at the same time, but animals, But how the hell does that don't mean he rations it. Because if we go three miles, he still has to go on the tree right near the front of the house again before he comes in. Sometimes I think he's going in Sands coming out like there's nothing there. I have no idea how he pulls that off. It's a man and he doesn't know how far we're walking. I don't know until he Unless I have a timetable, like I got to get here and get your business done, man because you're stuck for a while. It's a very weird Animal. I'm sorry about that weird When you get a show, you can go off on a tirade in annoyed people like I just did, But I appreciate you staying to listen. I would like to talk to the dog, but you know, he hears everything. But you don't listen very well. It's a problem. Uh, so you're something else going on? Program. Might hurt him there big grocery chain to get a big high rise downtown built in the fifties, which still looks like an awesome building. And, uh, they got a lot of groceries of different names around the country. Kroeger here. And, uh, They're doing some really cool. I think anyway, and it would be nice if I heard media would do this, but probably gonna happen, But I'd be wise, You know, I mean, cause I could use the dough on this extra money. You know, Here's a Kroger's doing if you work for Kroger. Gonna give you a hand. Oh, Forget it. If you get the vaccination for the pandemic in the cove in 19, you know which was good because it makes everybody safer. And really probably benefits them on the bottom line is well, It's just the general good for the community. And if you have a religious reasons were maybe you don't do that type of thing. You know, whatever reason, that would be with God stuff. Or maybe you got a health problem. You're like, No, I can't get the shot. Or shot depending because a single dose eyes coming sooner than later from Johnson and Johnson. And what have you and there's now I think another 30 year, I think or 40,000 different. Doses that are actually expecting to hit pharmacies around Ohio in the next week or so, which is good news about even if you don't get the shot for religious or health reasons, they'll still give him some money. If you take a course on like You know, protocols for health and and cleaning and all the stuff to keep you and those around you is safe as possible. So all I'm saying is hollow I heart media bosses. I don't know. I can't speak for Jeff. Car can't speak for Eddie and Rocky. Different pay. Great. I can't speak for Mike McConnell. I can't speak for Sloane E. I don't want to speak for Lance. I can't speak for well, He certainly different pay grade Marconi winter multiple times, by the way on his own. He's a superstar and on TV. Previously I don't know about in reruns. All that work but an extra 100 who wouldn't do it for $100? Well, I mean, you know, I mean, you know, and I take that even if, like, you know, for religious reasons to take the class, get the hunter. I think you still paying people $100 may be our only hope. I'm not miss speaking. And I'm not trying to irritate anybody. But I think that's good that they're doing that. All I'm saying is I heart media. I'll take the extra 100. If I can get I'll get the shots and give me $100. I'll show you I'll film it and put it online video it when I When I can actually get it. I probably won't be able to get it until 2023 at this rate. I mean, they're just now two people 70 and older. I'm not there yet, but I would like to get the shots at some point so we could get to some normalcy at some point in time. Sometime soon all I'm saying if I could get paid in the process I'm always trying to get paid. Jeff Carr, would you take the extra Honda or or in fact, you know what I would do? I would donate half of my 100 to the free store food bank and help others there is no I mean, I would, too. I had a couple of months ago. Do you do you still get the vaccine if you've had it Yeah, they think they recommended after that window of time. Yeah. Next time we have one of the doctors on we'll talk about we have a rotation of docks. I've got like 45 doctors or their organizations and medical groups. From University, Cincinnati to try Health, Premier Health University Nebraska Medical Center and there's another one that I forgetting, and that's what a dick move on my part because they've come on the show. Anytime I ask. Sorry, um We'll ask him is all I'm trying to say, but, you know, they think they say, Yeah, you should. You should go ahead and get it. Yeah, I definitely do it for 100. But I'm with you..

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