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People can relate to. In Lubbock, and your lumps can relate to you think that's been a big part of it. Yeah. I really do. I think what other younger coach, I never really understood that how you know. I thought just winning basketball is winning basketball. But I think there's a there's a liberty does a truth to you know, what community part of the state a kind of people did a fine with a team, obviously football. I grew up cowboy fan, but being a guy with any new so much about Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, and how they play hard, you know, good basic, fundamental just tough ball kind of with the people. Pittsburgh. I think similar here. We west Texas is a place where people go to work every day. And when you tell somebody gotta do something you keep your word, but a hand shakes out here that means so it's just a different way alive. Really good people. It's way top of my list, while local I would like to think our team resembles that we've got a lot of guys we might not have a bunch of national guys names, but we've got guys play together. We've got guys that get better. We've gotta try to play the game the right way. Let me ask you college basketball star the other day, the focus is on the big names. Right. I mean, you know, the focus is on Williamson, and reddish and Barrett and all that kind of stuff how how much do you as a coach that has gotten right to wear Duke? Did let twelve these programs get how much do you play or pound into your kids? You know, we're not what these guys are supposed to be good. As what these kind of the chip on the shoulder kind of thing. Do you do that? Does that part of what you try to get across to your team? Absolutely. We've got the core values are program like top that list is just truth. Tellers guys all the time. We just take a lot of pride. So and it like it is. You know, we want to be the best Persian of us. We scrimmage one of our close-door scrimmages was a guest, Houston the other day. And I. Great respect for Sampson what he's done a basketball and his teams voice kind of play part. Kind of blue collar like we try to after that scrimmage access code Sampson. If you talked to our team came it our locker, which your luck room sacred place. I don't let anybody block expect or like. That I've spent coach saying we comes in. And he basically said that exact word coach, and we have it up in our locker. But now, he said guys, no sense. Your Texas Tech. You're not Kentucky. You're not Kansas. That's okay. You can still beat those type people. But you gotta know who you are. He said don't ever lose your chip. He's talking about the chip on the shoulder. And I've actually got that typed up in my office. Just stick a wall with a piece of masking tape of. Yeah, we try to we know who we are in every day. We just try to be the best version of us. That's a great thing. Who who are you? How do you win? And I think those those two questions every team has got to identify embrace like if I walked in your gym and asked jar call, right? I who are you. And how'd you win? What would he say? What I say. What they call it. Tell you number one where defensive program, we don't we have to go last year among many things and many of Jackson's we told the guys we've got to be the best defense team of the big twelve to compete. I think a lot of ways we were. We're also team, you know, just believes in development improving. First thing I told the guys after last year's run was we gotta get better players next year. They always kind of look at you could be the same people. But we need a better over we need a better brain. And francis. We're always talking about improving every single day. A lot of people kinda put it on T shirt or wristband. But something we really believe. So today, I've Jekyll is to live a better. We did yesterday. Concentrate approach to that to that point. Can you read a little bit of that in recruiting kid? Absolutely. I think from the city..

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