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Hundred fifty employees salute the folks that continue to make the dairy industry and an important part of south dakota's future when we reach aftab will have a recap of the first thirty minutes highlights we'll tell you about two games going on elsewhere early missouri valley football conference usteam holding on it western illinois northern iowa at southern illinois an interesting one indiana state giving it little state all the could handle the issue a thumping look missouri state will have all the details at afta plus steve had our chakrit at legend secretary big third down here for nathan mace trips right to receivers left to keep in mind maize has run for almost two hundred yards and four touchdowns this season jackson ford downli in three linebackers in the game on third in four penguins at the royal 26 meza threeset pumped fake now rolling nearsighted all rondo get the first down has so much runs it down lamont of the 35yardline the jack saddek covered but couldn't get hold of maize finally tux in iran's it picks up nine to move the chains there are two steps where it can get a hold of him you know if it's a game changer with a guy like raised in the back the of and now the penguins will hostile to the line trips right jacks four downli been ted at makassar the back to mazes lap tokyo up to one based it out to the right side and told at the feet of christian arose abhu by vicky sorta slept innis nobody's as much as they could a couple of yards as the clock approaches two minutes to go when the second quarter sixthranked youngstown stayed on top of four thranked south dakota state fourteen seven penguins an empty said again for nathan maze the 6'3 quarterback from urbana ohio trips left twins right to access four down lime and on second down an eight youngstown at its own thirty seven bays the shock sam looking radio throwdown lamentowicz struggled at incomplete it was a high thrill.

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